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5 Tips to Reduce Obesity (Extra Weight)

Dated-16 Oct 2023 

1. Lukewarm water: If someone wants to reduce his obesity, then he should make a habit of drinking lukewarm water all the time, in every season. Due to this the fat melts and body become clean.
2. No sweets at all: If you want to reduce obesity then stop sweets completely. These contain high calories, which makes it difficult to lose weight. Therefore, eat as little sweets as possible. While making sugar, sulphuric acid is usually added to whiten it. When jaggery (gudd) is made from sugarcane juice, sodium hydrosulphite is usually added to clean the juice. Also, yellow color is added to make the jaggery (gudd) yellow. Most such things are harmful for health.
3. Ayurvedic Lifestyle: Eat on time, eat in small quantities, sleep on time and wake up on time. Always try to eat healthy food. Include makhana, millets (ragi, jowar, bajra) and flax seeds in your diet.
4. Eating chutney: Take ginger, onion and garlic in equal quantity and grind them to make chutney. Do not add salt to it. It is beneficial to take 2 spoons of it every day (with food in the morning and evening).
5. No processed food: People who want to lose weight should avoid biscuits, snacks, cakes, bread, pizza, burgers etc.

Remember, reducing obesity is a gradual process, and it's important to maintain a sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle while working towards your weight loss goals.