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Guiding Children Away from Yelling

Dated-20 Sep 2023 

When little ones want something, they often ask repeatedly or resort to shouting if they don't get it. As parents, it's our role to show them right from wrong. Occasionally, when their desires go unfulfilled, they might use impolite words or even act out physically. If your child hits or scratches don't show overreaction; they're simply seeking your attention. Tell him about the ways by which he can express himself with manners. This behavior of children is wrong and if they are not stopped, it can become a problem for you and them. I am the mother of two children so I can understand the situation of parents in this condition. I use this method on my children it really works. It’s my personal and real experience. I want every parent can handle their child so their child becomes a good civilian in the future. Now I am telling you how to teach children to respect others.
• Set an Example: Always treat your child respectfully. Listen when they talk, maintaining eye contact. Demonstrate your interest, helping them learn to listen as well. Show faith in your child. Allow him to make some decisions. It helps him to make a confidant.
• Politeness Matters: Incorporate good manners, especially when your child is present. Use "please" and "thank you" while requesting from them or others. Children copy your actions and follow them.
• Keep Your Promises: If you make a promise tied to a task, like a park visit after tidying toys, ensure you follow through. This builds trust and respect.
• Don't forget to praise: whenever possible, praise your child for behaving well. Keep your responses clear and simple. When he says something polite, don't just say good boy or well done. For example, tell him, to say thank You when you ask for food or any other thing.

Remember, instilling respect takes time, but it's a valuable endeavor. Good parenting in childhood fixes his direction and condition in the future.