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Hyper Active Child energy use in the right direction

Dated-20 Sep 2023 

There are some children around you whose arrival in your house shakes the whole house. Such children can be called hyperactive whose energy does not last throughout the day. It is very important to channel the energy of such children in the right direction:
Children have so much energy that adults get tired of running after them, but children do not get tired. You must have seen it being difficult when a small child gets tired and sits down. They enjoy playing all the time. Activities are very good for the development of children and you should promote physical activity in children. However, if your child is hyperactive, it is important for you to know about it.
How to identify a hyperactive child
The most common sign to identify hyperactive children is that they have difficulty obeying someone. They easily become upset, irritable, angry, and sad. They rarely listen to others talk too much and keep interrupting others' words. Hyperactivity is related to the brain. Being hyperactive is not a bad thing. These children just need a little more attention and patience from their parents to channel their energy in the right direction.
There are some fun games and activities that can help your child focus better, learn, and become a happy, confident, and aware person.
• Swimming: Swimming is a great exercise for hyperactive children. Swimming increases children's concentration and reduces restlessness and impulsivity. This will help in increasing the self-confidence of the child
• Teach Karate: To properly utilize the energy of hyperactive children, you can get them to take karate classes. This increases children's ability to concentrate and keeps the mind calm. Apart from karate, you can also teach him martial arts.
• Outdoor sports are good: If you want to channel the energy of hyperactive children in the right direction, then send them to play outdoor sports every day. The child can play football, basketball, volleyball, and badminton as per his choice. His social skills will also improve by playing with the team. Brain Games You can keep kids busy with jigsaw puzzles or games like chess, memory, ludo, and Scrabble. This will improve the child's concentration, focus power, and thinking ability. Such games also improve the problem-solving skills of children.
• Music will keep you calm: Music is a great way to calm the mind of children. If the child is interested in it, you can also send him to learn a musical instrument. After coming back from school, you can send your child to music class. Or you can inspire them to participate in some competition of the school itself.