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Tips for watering indoor plants

Dated-20 Sep 2023 

Tips for watering indoor plants
If the leaves of plants in the house start turning brown, then we feel that the plants are drying up and they need to be watered. That’s not necessary. We are going to tell you these rules for watering indoor plants:
• Leaves starting to fade: This is an important sign that your plant needs watering. Due to lack of water or excessive heat, leaves start becoming like this. In such a situation, you should give some water to the plant.
• Excessive watering: Indoor plants do not require excessive water. Excessive watering also reduces the lifespan of plants. Due to excess water, the soil becomes completely marshy, and due to this, oxygen does not circulate properly in it and due to this the plants start drying up.
• Collect rainwater: Rain or well water is best for plants. If you can collect rainwater and soak the plants with that water for a few days, the results can be better.
• Tap water: If you are using tap water for plants then it is fine. But keep in mind that there should not be any chemicals in it to clean the water, because this type of water is not absorbed by the plants and the soil always remains wet.
• Morning is the right time: Set the routine of watering the plants in such a way that they can be watered in the morning. Watering in the morning gives them a whole day's time to dry out. As the water dries up by evening, there is less risk of any disease in the plants.