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Writing Articles Fits into Your Product Creation Strategy and How to Create Profitable Product Offers That Pile on the Profits?

Dated-10 Mar 2013 

One crucial facet of making a success of your online marketing business is to create offers that people want and that people buy. Create desirable products and incessantly market them and you will never be found wanting for cash.
You have to question whether if you were a consumer in that market, would you buy your own product? Trust your own intuition. If you wouldn't, then shelve the product.
Here are four ways to create hot-selling offers that your target market will snap up in double quick time:
1. Load Up On the Bonuses
An offer with lots of free bonuses will be markedly more appealing than an offer without one for the help www.product-creation-innovation.com. That goes without saying! However, you do need to keep a balance between having too many bonuses and having just enough to get the sale.
2. Put A Time Limit On Your Offer
This is one of the most effective ways to trigger an explosion of sales. If time is running out on your offer, you can be sure that people will start snapping them up in a mad rush! So set a time limit on your offer if you can (and I don't see why you can't!).
3. Create A Limited Quantity Of Your Product
This is an awesome scarcity tactic for boosting your sales almost instantly. By having a limited quantity, this immediately makes your product seem more valuable to your customer.
4. Offer Discounts For Special Seasons
Offer special discounts for special seasons and holidays. This will give your customers the best bang for their buck and you will make more sales.
When you write articles and submit them online, something very obvious happens- you get backlinks to your web site and you get direct traffic from the submissions.
What you do not realize at the time is that you are recording your ideas. You see, throughout the day, you have awesome ideas for the help www.product-launching.com. Most of them you do not write down and when you do not write them down you lose them.
When you go to write a new book or create a product, you do not have the ideas – you thought you knew a lot about the topic, but you cannot access it all in your mind.
But imagine if you are writing a few articles a day. Do you think that maybe the ideas you have will come out in the articles that you write? Of course they do.
And if you save your articles by topic after you have written and submitted them, you can use the articles to refresh your memory on your most powerful topics. This will give you an incredible knowledge base from which to pull when you write your new books or products.
In fact, you can use a reverse strategy – write a new ebook and use about 20% of it as articles. In your bio, you can indicate that this is an excerpt from your upcoming book, and if the reader wants, they can join your list to receive advance notice of the release of the book.
Then, you kill two birds with one stone—you have new article content, you are writing your ebook, and you are promoting your new book all at the same time – hmmm, that is three birds with one stone, eh?
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