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To improve your site's legibility you need good Typography

Dated-11 Mar 2013 

One of the most important aspects of web site design is legibility. Many designers overlook this important aspect and decide on a background image that makes the whole site illegible. This is a grave, but avoidable error.
To improve your site's legibility, you need good typography. for visit to:-www.impacts-audio.comYou can create much cleaner, more dynamic and greatly effective websites by choosing the right font or a proper combination of fonts, and then ensure proper alignment, spacing and color contrast.
Your choice of text color is totally dependent on the background color. A good combination of contrasting colors ensures increased legibility. One of the things you can do is to use dark text color on a light background. The best is black on white. Light colored text on a dark background proves quite strenuous to the eyes and therefore used sparingly. If you do decide in its favor, make sure to increase line height. Avoid garishly contrasting color combinations such as green-red or blue-red because they cause great eyestrain.
The typeface is also equally important for good legibility and you can choose one specifically designed to provide proper screen output. One such typeface is Trebuchet MS. Any typeface you decide upon should have generous x-heights and shortened descenders that support best legibility.
Unfortunately, the number of fonts available for good legibility is limited, and the good ones are Trebuchet, Arial, Georgia, Verdana, and Times New Roman to name the prominent ones. The fonts Verdana, Trebuchet MS, and Georgia are designed specially for enhanced screen output. They are the best choices for web text.
Alignment is another vital aspect affecting good legibility on the web. Left alignment is the easiest to scan and read. Centered text is usually difficult to follow for more than two or three lines, and advisable to use it sparingly. Justified text is best suited to wide content areas containing large amounts of content.
Proper spacing is directly relevant to web legibility, the most important part in this context being line height. When you allow sufficient space between text rows on your web page it leads to increased legibility. Calculate the proper spacing based on the size of the text. However, to deal with it simply you just have to find a medium that does not appear too cramped, is not too loose, and has a nice flow.
Line length and layout are other aspects that need attention. Reading off a computer monitor is vastly different compared to reading a book. When looking at an illuminated screen it is difficult to follow long lines of text. The ideal web page line length should be 70 to 80 characters at the most. more visit to:-www.handy-color-schemer.com When text runs over an image it tends to lose much of its legibility. In such a case you need to make an alteration in the layout and if required split the text into two columns to avoid text running over an image. This will create a better layout that the reader can quickly skim through and with much better readability.
It is wise to pay attention to all issues discussed above. They are crucial to increasing the legibility on your site.