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Sony Ericsson P1i makes life simpler

Dated-11 Mar 2013 

Sony Ericsson P1i is an easy to use mobile phone with a huge range of features to give value for money to the customer.

It is unlike those costly mobile phones which cater to the snob appeal of the customer and lacks in performing many essential tasks with perfection. But when it comes to Sony, the performance comes with excellence in features availability and their effective functioning as well.

Since this Sony Ericsson P1i is an expensive handset so it is embedded with advanced features as well. These include camera availability at 3.15MP. This camera is so advanced that it is better than many higher configured cameras also, in some other handsets. One can have unbelievable n distinctive features of high class photography at any point of time. One can easily say that since its Sony so it’s got to be the best.

This wide touch screen is nothing but the amalgamation of higher functionality and greater accessibility. One can make use of the touch screen and handwriting recognizing ability so that one can send SMS with ease and grace. A handwritten sms creates an emotional appeal in the mind of the receiver. Whenever your girlfriend walkout of your life for some small silly reason then write an sms full of emotions and see her running back to you within no time . Click on that moment to see her emotions in slow motion for ultimate effects.

Sony Ericsson P1i is huge looking heavy mobile phone where all the features are secured in a great looking mobile phone. All functions are displayed on 2.6”TFT touch screen to make every function look huge and enormous.

As per phone specifications sony ericsson handset has a network of GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz With this Quadra band, Sony enables the user to make use of all possible bands and roam all over the world with equal ease.

Users have the advantage of high battery life of 10hrs for continuous talk time and 440h standby. Download as many games as you like as the memory is quite large and fill your boring time with adventure and fun. Get hold of this fabulous handset at themobilestore and make your life simpler.