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Psoriatic Arthritis Treatments have had great success!

Dated-10 Mar 2013 

A lot of natural psoriatic arthritis treatments target either the arthritis or the psoriasis. We haven't found one product that can do both effectively. If you do find a product that can control both, please let us know

Here is what one psoriatic arthritis sufferer had to say about this disease:

"I'm in my 50's, but I feel like I am trapped in a 100 year old body with a 20 year old mind".

This person who is on medication will, still feel a great deal of discomfort and a loss of mobility. My question to these people is what exactly are you doing to help yourself? And that usually is the problem, not taking care of yourself.

There is hope and here is is the Top 7 psoriatic arthritis treatments. We highly recommend discussing these options with your doctor.

1. nutritional supplements
2. herbal treatments
3. diet
4. exercise
5. acupuncture
6. topical applications: creams and lotions
7. heat/cold compression

Nutritional Supplements

For the arthritis pain and discomfort you can find several good brands of nutritional supplements that are working really well for these patients. Some ingredients to look for are: boron, magnesium, chondroitin, glucosamine, for more details visit to www.tours-guide.com MSM, and bromelain. It is also a good idea to include Omega 3's and selenium. I have also heard tremendous testimonials on the use of aloe vera especially on the psoriasis.

Herbal Treatments

Knowing what to employ is critical to your success. Here are a a couple of psoriatic arthritis treatment herbal ingredients. Black Cohosh, Bogbean, Celery Seeds, Chapparal, Feverfew, Nettle, Saffron, and Yucca. These herbs are strong relaxants, good treatments of rheumatism, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. They include anti-inflammatory properties, anti-rheumatic, anti-diuretic or anti-spasmodic and very useful in causes of acne. Some of these herbs are particularly useful for skin conditions of warts and splotches, treatment for pain, and they have the ability to take away or reduce uric and lactic acid build up. A lot of the herbs listed above can be acquired at your local health food shop.


The human body is an brilliant machine and if you give it a chance it will cure itself from the inside out. We are what we consume, so be very careful. Likely the most efficient diet you can put yourself on is the Elimination Diet. This diet is a comfortable diet to adopt, however it will require WORK on your part.

The elimination diet is essentially recording the foods we eat and taking note of how you react afterwards. Particular foods might make you feel awful and other food groups will deepen the symptoms of psoriatic arthritis.

Fruits and vegetables can help relieve pain as can certain vitamin groups. I'm sure you read many times over how important fresh water fish can be to arthritic patients.


When you step-up your heart rate, blood circulates quickly throughout the body. That way more and more blood can circulate through the established areas that hurt the most. The blood has a purifying effect which can wash away the "bad stuff".

By exercising you will also tone up the muscle groups that hold your joints and step-down your weight which will take away some of the pressure off your joints. Do not think you have to join a gym to exercise: walking, day-to-day yard activities and chores are wonderful exercises that increase blow flow. Ever wonder why winter time is the worst on your arthritis? Body temperate linked to blow flow might be an answer.


Another successful option available to you is acupuncture. Some arthritis patients have had great success. The human body transmits to itself constantly and the brain can receive messages from vaious parts of the body called endorphins. Acupuncture can mess with the signals your muscles send to the brain, which in turn will "block" the pain message they receive.

Topical Creams, Lotions

Psoriatic arthritis is a two pronged disease which means you also need to deal with psoriasis. Dried skin is a cause of psoriasis which means you should try very hard to keep your skin moist. Supplying a humidifier in the home during the winter months (summer months depending on whee you live) are extremely beneficial. Topical creams containing certain herbs listed below will help you keep your skin moist.

Many excellent ingredients observed in topical creams and lotions include: cocoa butter, lanolin cream, mineral oil, petroleum jelly, aloe vera or baby oil. Carefully learn the ingredients of anything you apply to your scalp and skin during typical daily cleansing activities. Soaps and anti deodorants to be specific.


Heat increases blood flow to your joints and ice has a numbing effect to subdue the pain. Many physical therapists trust solely on heat packs and ice massage before activities and ice afterwards. Don't be concerned to give this a try before you begin your day.

You just read the top 7 psoriatic arthritis treatments and they render hope to all of us who hurts from this disease. Hold your chin up, remain patient and permit your body to mend itself from the inside out.