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Nokia 5220 black and simple mobile phone

Dated-09 Mar 2013 

Nokia 5220 is a black and simple handset. Don’t go by its looks. The looks can be deceptive. There are number of features that are attached with this simple looking mobile phone.
Its camera is digital with 2MP configuration that has a capacity of capturing the pictures with great efficiency. Its picture clarity is also very high. One can easily take out the print-outs of the pictures directly from the printer.

Get all possible data in the form of 20dialed, 20recieved and 20 missed calls to retrieve the lost data by the user. There are numerous choices through which you can choose a ringtone of your choice without any difficulty. Make others listen to these ringtones and keep them entertained as well. Another option is to pick-up the mobile phone after a long ring to entertain the caller as well as you through that ringtone.

It’s a relatively light weight mobile phone that has dimensions of 108x43.5x10.5mm, and has a display size of 320x240pixel. Screen of Nokia 5220 display contents in 256K colors. This Nokia5220 is a world class mobile looks with very simple looks. It has a network of GSM 900/1800/1900MHz. this means that this handset is operative in major parts of the world with the same frequency level.

Nokia has made FM compulsory in most mobile handset thereby enabling users to entertain them in times of sadness or while lazing around. The FM of this mobile phone has RDS facility as well for greater efficiency. Some people are very specific and like to listen to uninterrupted music that two of their choice. For such users, Nokia5220 has a music system, which is a versatile music system with various functions. The clarity of sound is quite high. All songs are displayed with absolute clarity and at low or high volume as per the choice of the user.

One of the most unique functions is that this handset has a capacity of storing contacts up to 2000 in number with an expandable memory of up to 2GB. Nokia 5220 has a battery back-up of 1020mAh to provide a talk time of 5.25hrs and alternatively a standby of 406hrs at a stretch. Log on to themobilestore and purchase this handset, online.