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Do you know about Geo Targeting and Seo?

Dated-10 Mar 2013 

Online advertising is becoming widespread and reaches anyone with access to the Internet. However the most effective promotion for a website is to be visible where its target audience is. A website greeting its visitors based on their location or displaying relevant offers depending on their location is sure to generate more clicks and garner a high conversion ratio. Numerous researches and studies have positively established that search queries are getting more and more local in nature. This essentially means that users are actively looking for local information and they do so by appending geographic locater to the search term (e.g. Plumber in Seattle). In the pursuit of providing relevant results, search engines are actively pursuing local search. This very fact is being harnessed by online businesses (which are local in nature) to create a bigger impact and claim a large market share. Geo targeting (aqua geographical targeting) is a mechanism to control the display of website content based on specific geographical locations. The targeted content may vary from advertisements, news to city specific information. The process of geo targeting happens on the server, prior to web page being sent to the browser. When the user requests a particular page, the server queries the user's IP address and checks it against a database. Based on it, the server would provide the relevant web page to the user, based on her location. By being able to do so, online businesses can present targeted content to the user based on his/her physical location. Geo targeting holds special relevance for businesses that are local in nature (florist, plumbing, electrician, take a ways, etc.), targeting their local audience. By reaching the desired customers, website owners are able to realize maximum return on investment. In case of a multilingual website, geo targeting can be effectively used to present apt version of the website, based on user's regional language. It also plays a vital role in creating a level playing field for both small and large businesses. Small businesses with a local flavor, sometimes with meager marketing budget, can achieve great results by geo targeting. Such businesses have a better understanding of the local market and can thus serve the customers better. In order to capitalize and benefit from the advantages offered by geo targeting, a few technical changes to the website could be mandated. Also factors such as country specific domain names, physical location of the hosting server, primary language of the website, and origin of the inbound links play a crucial role in geo targeting. With so many benefits attached to geo targeting, and the concept being fairly simple and easy to implement, it is astonishing that it does not figure prominently in the Internet marketing strategy of many online businesses. Search engine optimization strategies centered on geo targeting would not only help you pursue a targeted approach, but also generate increased revenue. As good as it gets!