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Cleaning and Upkeep of Artificial Flora

Dated-09 Mar 2013 

Plants and flowers are loved by all irrespective of age and gender. The sight of flowers in our home or office gives a calming and fresh feeling. Many people however are allergic to real plants, and for them, our artificial flowers and plants with the look and feel of real ones would be the best.

Other benefits as to why people prefer artificial flowers, is that long-term they are less expensive compared to freshly cut ones. Artificial flowers need not be replaced every few days like real flowers as they won’t wilt. Artificial flowers will last longer but they also need maintenance to keep them looking fresh and attractive.

Why artificial flowers should be cared for?

Many people put artificial flowers and plants in a vase/pot and forget about them because they don’t need water and they don’t wilt. However, with all artificials, dust is deposited and this will affect their beauty and shine. Artificial flowers should always be kept clean and it’s not at all difficult or expensive. Here’s how…

Occasional Cleaning:

Dust your artificial flowers with a soft brush or cloth once per week so they look as elegant as the newly purchased ones.

Thorough Cleaning:

Here are the easiest steps to clean artificial flowers:

1. Artificial flowers should always be dusted before you proceed to clean them with water.
2. Take out an artificial flower from the arrangement. If leaves are detachable, take one leaf at a time.
3. Put the detached leaf under running tap water and wash away the dust and remove the excess water from the leaf. This is done to test whether there is any damage in color or texture of the artificial flower when washed. If not, you can go ahead and wash the entire artificial flower arrangement.
4. Look for a suitable place to clean your artificial flowers depending on the size of the arrangement either indoor or outdoor.
5. You can also add some bubble bath to the water but remember to rinse well - it does not leave stains and gives a subtle scent.
6. For considerably larger flower arrangements, using a spray bottle will be time consuming; in that case, cleaning should be done outdoors using a hose. The hose spray should be kept light to prevent damage. After cleaning, allow them to dry outdoors.

The cleaning of artificial flowers should be done every quarter or every six months to keep them in tip-top condition.

Tips: For leaves that are constructed with ‘real touch’ or ‘natural touch’ material - spray a little window cleaner on a damp cloth and gently rub onto the leaf. It gives a healthy shine and does not leave a stain.

NB: You can also use a specialist spray for artificial flowers and plants. They are inexpensive and do the job, but can be messy. We think that if you use our steps above to maintain your artificials, they will look just as alluring as the day you bought them!