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Choosing the right Health Coach

Dated-28 Feb 2013 

You have tried out everything and every advice that came across you regarding loosing weight. Despite of all these your weight keeps on increasing. Your being out of shape makes you feel bad.

You have tried almost everything:
1.Health club: Started and stopped going after a few days, weeks or months.
2.Weight watchers: Here again, you can’t maintain consistency.

One thing you know for sure that you need to loose weight before you become older. And that feeling keeps you depressed and worried.

Suddenly, you hear about health coach and you start feeling that this is the best choice. This can give you the upper hand on all and you don’t have to worry about being inconsistent. But the most difficult thing is choosing the right health coach. You need to make sure that you are getting the best health coach before you start you dream run.

Let me create a checklist for you to choose the best coach for you:

1 Take a closer look at the training certification they possess. In coaching industry there is no fixed rules or regulations for training programs therefore you need to make sure that your prospective coach has undergone a proper training program. A coach having atleast one year’s training program is a must to know that your health coach can really help you out. You can also confirm that they are associated to any professional organization or not. One of the biggest heath organization is international coach federation.

2. Always talk to your coach upfront before choosing one. Don’t get scare, speak to them. Most of the health coaches provides free sessions. Give it a try. Always remember, health coaching is all about developing relationship. The more comfortable you feel with your coach, the better results will be. At the end of first free session you should feel comfortable with the coach otherwise he is not right choice for you.
3. Next thing to look for is a specialist in your health condition. Like maybe you are gaining weight because of some ailment. In that case, you need to find a coach who specializes in that particular ailment. If you are a woman, you need to find the coach that specializes in woman health coaching. If you are a working woman, you need to know which coach is best experienced for working women. You will find lot of specialist health coach and finding one that suits your circumstances can be of great advantage. Most importantly, you will start feeling comfortable with such health coach and that can produce magical results for you.

4. Last but not the least, in selecting a health coach for you, see if your prospective coach provides free newsletters. Always subscribe to their free newsletters. Newsletters are a great way to understand a health coach. By reading their articles you will understand their working approach, their professionalism, their philosophies and how they make it work for you. Newsletters are a great way to understand a coach much before meeting him personally.

Choosing a right health coach can do wonders for you, therefore, take your time in choosing the right coach for you. Consult with people in the field. Take your time, do proper research. Health is precious and so does the person who helps you in maintaining it or achieving the dream body. Good luck!