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Can't afford a freelance writer? Interested in private label rights for Seven tips

Dated-10 Mar 2013 

If you've ever bought an ebook on internet marketing, you've probable encountered the phrase "master resale rights". You may wonder if these rights even really mean anything or are legitimate. In a word, yes, they are legitimate for help visit www.resale-right-profits.com. (However, if taken to the Supreme Court, I am not sure how valid the license write-up would be.) Master resale rights are usually offered for internet marketing products such as ebooks, software, and templates.

Master resale rights are often portrayed as a way to make easy money online. Yes, they are easy to acquire - but that doesn't mean that they are easy to sell. Sales of these products, usually ebooks, are still dependent on the quality of the marketing. Using the template that comes with the product will give you a cookie-cutter website out there to match dozens of other vendors. At the same time, anyone who buys the ebook gets the same rights you do - to sell it, over and over again, in whatever medium they see fit.

Luckily, the truth is that very few people ever resell the product. They bought the ebook to read it, and even if the content is fantastic, they have other things they are marketing. That's great news for you if you want a little spare change every month, and you already sell online. You can use master resale rights to add value to your existing information product line, sell the product stand-alone, or offer it as a bonus in your membership website.

So, how can you make money with ebook master resale rights, without using the cookie cutter sales page templates? Here are 7 tips to get you started:

1. Actually read the ebook. Does it offer value? Are there a ton of the author's affiliate links in the text itself - or is the book written with a ton of references to the author's website. If so, don't even bother trying to resell it. Trust me; you don't want to sell an ebook to a customer that's just meant to sell other products for help visit www.resale-rights-explained.com. It may be some quick chump change, but they will probably never buy from you again. And if they buy from anyone, it will be the author. Commit to only selling products that can offer value to your own endeavors.

2. Once you've read the ebook, write up a review in your own words. Talk about what you actually like about the ebook. You can base this review on the sales letter as well as your own findings.

3. Write your own sales letter and use your own template. A one-page template is easy to use and set up, but you may want to go ahead and create a website with actual content, articles, and useful information. This will help the search engines index you, and help your visitors trust you. People don't buy from vendors they don't trust, no matter how good a deal it is.

4. Use master resale rights ebooks to add value to existing products along similar product lines. If you have personally written an ebook or sell software solutions, offer the ebook with resale rights as a bonus.

5. Don't sell the master resale rights on the same page as you sell the ebook. Consumers aren't really interested in resale rights - but other internet marketers are. Create a separate page for internet marketers and mark up the price accordingly.

6. Always check to see how other marketers are selling the same product. You want to stand apart from them. Just Google the title of the ebook to find your competition... You can also make sure that you target better keywords than them. Take stock of their website and pay attention to what you feel you can do better.

7. Use a combination of organic traffic and Adwords to drive traffic to your website. If you set up your website properly with keywords, and submit it to search engines, chances are that you will be able to drive quality traffic without paying an arm and a leg.

Master resale rights are an inexpensive way to add to your online product line - as long as you take the time to understand and market the product properly. It's easy to slap up a cookie cutter template and add a Papal button - but it doesn't help you beat out the competition or generate new search engine traffic. Stick to proven marketing methods that will work to help you build your business for the long term.