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Best Dell Laptops

Dated-10 Mar 2013 

Laptops have since long become a necessity than being a luxury. More and more people are waking up to the convenience and comfort of using a laptop over that of using a desktop PC and the laptop industry is growing by leaps and bounds. The laptops not only provide portability but can be used as a desktop computer too when not being on the move. New innovations and developments are making them a more sought after choice by the day and they are becoming more and more advanced in technology, multifarious in features and swanky plus compact in design.

Dell has been one of the market leaders for all kinds of computers for a long time now. The year 2008 Q1 market share of Dell notebooks was 15.1% that put it on the second position of most sold laptops behind only HP. It is obvious then that Dell is a trusted name not only in desktops but also in laptops and has an established market position.

Latest in Dell

When I talk about the latest in Dell laptop I have talk about the new ‘Latitude E6400 XFR’ rugged laptop. Dell is breaking all benchmarks with this new release that is meant for some real rough and tough usage. Sophisticated electronics like laptops were always difficult to use in dusty and harsh conditions however the Latitude E6400 XFR is going to change all norms regarding the same.

The rugged notebook is meant for military and other such professionals who need field operations on their notebooks. It features a Ballistic Armor Protection System that gives twice the impact strength of magnesium alloy making the Notebook extremely sturdy. It has 25% more drop specification than other notebooks of its class, it can handle extreme temperatures, it is scratch resistant, and is equipped with Primo Seal technology to give increased protection from dust and liquid spills. Now if that starts sounding like a description of some latest weapon up on the military block to you then you’d be surprised to hear that the E6400 XFR is not just sturdy and rugged but also sophisticated enough to have a touch screen and other hip features of other modern notebooks! If that sounds amazing to you then let me also add that this is just a sample to taste what all this latest gizmo from Dell has to offer and there is lot more to it that will make you awestruck.

Other than this much talked about offering by Dell, there are a few other launches by the giant too. Like the new Inspiron 15 which features a large LCD screen, up to 4GB of RAM and 320GB of hard disk, Blu-ray, face recognition and a built in webcam; or the Studio 1555 that is an upgraded version of the Studio 15 series with a new LED backlit, wide screen, large storage capacity, and WiFi etc.

Other than what has already been launched, there is some other cool magic waiting up Dell’s sleeve to captivate us. Dell recently gave a glimpse of the much hyped ‘Adamo’ which is supposed to be an attempt into the luxury electronics and also a competitor to the Macbook. It has a striking design and bold yet elegant looks. What’s more, the ‘Adamo’ is even thinner than the Macbook! It is coming to us in two opposite avatars- black and white and is truly beholding. Only wish we could lay our hands on it sooner than soon!

Why Dell?

Other than being the major market holder for computers Dell is one of the most innovative computer manufacturers around. The USP of Dell however has been a reasonable price for a reliable, quality product and this is what has been making it lead the market for long. You not only get the latest innovations and updated technology with Dell computers but also get them in a great price. More so, if a large chunk of the market trusts a company, there has to be immense credibility behind it.

Today Dell is a common name in the country. You can find a Dell dealer almost every where. You can choose a laptop to suit your requirements based on storage, kind of usage and connectivity features you would require. A good option would also be shopping over the internet. There are a number of online shopping portals these days that offer convenient shopping and safe home delivery. The good thing about online shopping is that you can even manage quite amazing discounted rates and crack some cheap deals to procure your favorite notebook. So, go make magic with Dell!