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Article Marketing Generation Method for Your Online Business!

Dated-08 Mar 2013 

Many internet marketers shun article marketing for a few reasons. Some believe that article marketing takes up too much time and effort. Others believe that it takes too long to see any tangible results from article marketing. And I tend to agree with them, especially considering all the different tasks that need to be completed to execute an article marketing campaign. Articles need to be written and submitted. After that the search engines need to index the pages. Then the site slowly rises in ranking in the search engines. Thus, the site owner may need to be patient and have to wait anywhere between two weeks to a couple of months to see traffic coming in.

But the fact of the matter is that traffic does come in. So the more persistent internet marketers wrote and submitted articles on a consistent basis, for more details visit to instant-video-suite.com just to see where it will lead them. Over the three years that I have been involved in Internet Marketing, I've heard dozens of success stories from marketers who focus (more or less) solely on article marketing alone. But if the results are so great, why isn't everybody doing it?

Aha, here's where many article marketers get hung up. You see, article marketing sounds easy in theory. But when we get down to the dirt and grind of article marketing, it's not exactly the sexiest traffic generation method ever discovered. There is no magic pill, and then there is a ton of work involved. Writing a decent article, for more details visit to create-online-business.com even for the most prolific writers, can take around fifteen minutes. And when we think about the hours required to submit the article to hundreds of article directories, most article marketers simply give up! Just by writing and submitting the first few articles, they probably picked up some valuable lessons along the way. Article marketing is not free traffic. Time and effort is still needed to get the job done.

But then some smart marketers started thinking about outsourcing. By hiring someone to write and submit all the articles for them, they don't have to do any work. Problem solved! But now money is involved. How much should we pay the writers? How much should we pay for the submissions? How many articles should we submit each week? When will I break even or make a profit? If the cost is too high, it's going to take a longer time to break even or make a profit.

To make matters worse, there is still that dreaded waiting time involved, for the search engines to find your articles and links. And for new Internet Marketers, waiting such a long time for the traffic to come is just not an option. Meanwhile, where does the income come from?

As an article marketer myself, I thoroughly understand these concerns. They are certainly legitimate concerns. The solution, therefore, is to outsource the article marketing activities to a service provider who is able to keep prices affordable. Such services enable the business owner to break even faster, and make a profit, without having to spend a lot of money upfront. By making article marketing highly affordable, this traffic generation method is officially a strong contender as one of the best traffic generation method.