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All about Laser Hair Removal Technological

Dated-11 Mar 2013 

Laser hair removal is a technological development that is employed and exploited for removal of undesired hair on the human body. Laser hair removal is widely used for hair removal from certain parts of the body like the armpits, chin, legs, bikini line area, face, etc. Thus, this technique of laser hair removal helps in getting rid of excess and unwanted hair for a chunk of time though it is not a permanent solution for superfluous hair. For a long term hair removal a series of treatments may do the trick. The main factors that pay a crucial role in determining whether laser hair removal is here to stay for you are your hair colour and skin type. It is believed that individuals with a light skin tinge and dark hair have the most successful laser hair removals.


One must always look into the pros and cons of laser hair removal before physically going for the process. This will help you to decide whether the process is suited for you or not. You may also learn of better techniques of unwanted hair removal. The process starts with photography of the areas from which unwanted hair must be removed. The expert takes a few shots from different angles for future use and reference. In general, these photographs are used by the health experts for long term judgment. However the hair removal expert may ask you to submit your medical history, if any. Basic targets, advantages, risk, the expert may discuss returns before taking you through the procedure. There are certain precautions like goggles for the eyes that prevent the naked eye from direct exposure to the laser beam.


The procedure is simple and effective. The health care physician takes the laser hair removal machine in one hand and presses it against the area where unwanted hair is to be removed from. The device rubs against the affected area and the while the process proceeds and the hair begins to flush out of the area being targeted. This is because the laser light pops into the hair follicles area where hair development originates. There is a cool gel that is applied on the tip of the laser hair removal machine, for the purpose of protecting the skin. There may however be a certain poking sensation during the procedure that is normal. An anesthetic to fight discomfort may be given priorly.


Different areas of the body require different time of procedure. The upper lip may be done quickly and the back may take hours. This depends on the area of the skin in question. Though this may not be permanent solution for hair removal, a few regular sittings may be mandatory.