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A Brief introduction to Cancun

Dated-07 Mar 2013 

Cancun Hotels

Cancun is a man-made tourist destination, which was designed from scratch with tourists in mind. Cancun is basically divided into two zones - Downtown and the Hotel Zone (this is an island shaped like the number '7'). This was done with the geography of Cancun in mind. The east side of the island is inundated with more waves than the northern side, which has the natural protection of Isla Mujeres. Some beaches are not accessible during high tide.

Cancun Hotel Zone

The Cancun Hotel Zone is where the prime hotels and resorts are located. It is an island with the open sea to one of its sides, the other has an inlet. There is only one road there and all the hotels are located on that road which is a 15 km stretch.

The Cancun Hotel Zone is a very touristy place. You actually see very less Mexico, and more of vacationers. There are huge hotels, exclusive and top notch designer shops, nightclubs, and restaurants, all a stone throw away from whichever hotel you are staying in.

During the last decade Cancun Mexico has had an overwhelming amount of vacationers and Cancun Hotels have been quick to encourage this trend by offering attractive packages. However, we would like to recommend two things here.

First is that Cancun is a recently created tourist area. It is not a dangerous place. So decide what you want. There is a lot of nightlife and many attractions in the town which a person who buys the AI or all inclusive Cancun Travel packages may just miss and stay cooped up in the hotel. The hotel itself will go out of way to surround you with luxury and make your Cancun Vacation as pleasant as it can.

Some of the popular hotels in the Cancun Hotel Zone:

The Ritz Carlton, Cancun

This hotel is designed like an 18 th century French Chateau, and is done up wonderfully with chandeliers and antiques. It is simply a luxurious feeling to step out of this world into the beach. This is the lap of luxury. The service is impeccable, even the beach towels are scented. It has 365 rooms with ocean views, a private beach and five restaurants. The pool, as expected is lovely. It even has a hot tub. It is excellent with staff that is very accommodating. The price is high, but is worth it.

Melia Turquesa Hotel: Great Place for the Money

For a medium range Cancun Hotel, it is beautiful and the staff is excellent. This is an all inclusive hotel with meals and everything paid for. There is everything, variety of food, plenty of sunshine and a beach to enjoy. They also have a baby sitting service.

Sun Palace All-Inclusive: Newly remodeled and beautiful

It is newly renovated, an all inclusive hotel with a great pool. They organize a lot of water sports, pool side parties and even stage fashion shows. The rooms have Jacuzzi. It is an upper end hotel, but as with all Cancun hotels, the service and facilities make the price worth it.

There are many more hotels. You will definitely find the one that suits your needs.

Author: Aniruddha Badola