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How To Make Article Marketing Produce Results?

Dated-10 Mar 2013 

Because I feel that article marketing is such an important aspect of your online business, Iím going to use this lesson 3 to give you more details about article marketing itself. Iím going to give you information about why, how and wherewithal about article marketing. Now, there are three main steps to making article writing work for you, and these are 1) keyword research, 2) the writing of the articles and 3) submissions.

1. Keyword research. The purpose of your keyword research is to find the best keyword or keyword phrases that will generate the type of traffic that you are looking for. Our articles will contain useful, informative content, as opposed to just links giving us more options. Now when you write articles, you can submit them to the very best article directories available, your articles will then show up on the first page of search results and this will generate traffic. for more detial:-www
.reprintarticlesite.com.You articles will be ranked highly in the search engines even if your website doesnít actually show up on the first page of the search engines, which is usually the case when you first get started.

2. The writing of the articles. Now, the importance here is your ability to generate articles that utilize the keywords or keyword phrases that you have chosen above, and these keywords and keyword phrases must entice readers to find out more information from you. In an earlier lesson, I gave you instructions on how to carry out your keyword research so that you could begin your article writing. So by now, you should have identified several keywords or keyword phrases for which you will find it relatively easy to rank highly. So once you have started writing your articles, it is important that you carry out the next three steps.

1. In order to achieve immediate indexing by the search engines, it is important that you submit your articles to the top five or six article directories. for visit detial:-www.myarticle-submitter.com.If you do a search online for "the best article directories" you should be presented with a short list.

As with all things, the page rank for each of these article directories will change from time to time, so do not be surprised if the page rank has changed from what I have indicated above or indeed if the article directory has stopped accepting submissions. If you notice any change with any of the directories, please e-mail me to let me know. Also, if you come across a new article directory that has a page rank of 6 or higher, I would appreciate it if you would let me know.

2. Now, you need to create some web pages on your site that you will optimize for each of the keywords for which you are writing articles. So if you have chosen 10 keywords, you need to add 10 web pages to your site, each representing a different keyword or keyword phrase.

3. After you have completed step 1 and step 2, you are going to submit your articles to up to 100 article directories. However, it is vitally important that you do this in the right order to avoid getting involved with duplicate content issues and to maximize your mileage in the search engines. So please ensure that you complete steps 1 and 2 and read further for more instructions before you carry out step 3. So the most important features about article writing are the web page publication of your articles and the article writing. If you carried out no keyword research, provided you are willing to write masses and masses of articles, you would still be able to climb up the search engine result pages for your website.