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What Can You Expect From The Joint Venture Seeker Course?

Dated-06 Mar 2013 

The first thing that strikes me is that this course is put together with the newbie marketer in mind, now that's not to say that the more experienced marketer cannot benefit, but it is designed to make what may appear a complicated subject easy to understand.
Liz Tomey designed this course purely from her extensive experience and this shows in the content that Liz has put together.
For more details go to: www.jointwebventures.com The inspiration however was Liz's first ever joint venture in which she made $37,000 from her first product, this allowed both herself and husband Jamie to stay at home and provide a secure future for themselves and family.
So what is included in the content?
1. You have a series of no fluff videos containing over 2 hours of valued video content showing the steps to running a successful joint venture through A to Z. So there is no 200 to 300 page ebook to scroll through here.
2. To accompany the videos you have three work books that keep you on track in completing the processes involved.
3. Liz also includes interviews with 8 of her joint venture partners, and for those who don't like listening to audio interview the interview transcripts are also included.
4. Liz also offers some valuable bonuses, which outline how to benefit from joint ventures even if you have no list or product of your own and how you can leverage the efforts of java partners to help create your product.
5. Within the download area you also get free access to the joint venture seeker network and are given guidance on how to get the maximum benefit from this resource.
For can visit to: www.joint-venture-softwares.com by this time you may be wondering what the downside to this course is!
To be honest I have struggled to find a downside and I suppose normally when you are reviewing a course of this nature price is one area that will always concern a potential buyer, so let’s review this now.
Given that you are receiving 10 videos all with good valued content I think a reasonable price point for this course based upon recent video course offerings and including the value of the subject matter would be $97, and if you were going to attend a seminar it could cost you $500 and more so I don't think $47 is a major disadvantage here!
In summary this course is ideal for the following:
In my opinion both newbie marketers and the more experienced marketer who has not been privy to the benefits of Joint Ventures can benefit from this course.
A major benefit to all of this is the misconception that only the successful marketer with a big list and product creation experience can benefit from Joint Ventures. Liz proves with her course that even the most inexperienced marketer without a list or product can still gain significant advantage from seeking and gaining joint venture partners