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Web Design Trends 2009

Dated-11 Mar 2013 

Very similar to Fashion Designing, Interior Designing and Architecture, the trends in Web Designing industry keeps changing. Today Web 2.0 is the mainstream, tomorrow it may become passé and no more duly revered. Similarly, the honorable W3C might write a new transcript for the designing standards and the web designers need to abide by that. Web Design in India is indeed a thriving business and designers examine the latest trends to keep them ahead in the “The best Web Design India Company” race. Following are the few Web Design tips that are worth following:

Content Sliders: An alternative to Flash, the Java-enabled content sliders are used by many designers today. Content sliders also adhere to the Web 2.0 standards as they are interactive in nature. As the reader adjusts the sliders to view the information, they get to interact with the website too. Many Web Design India companies think that Content Sliders are a great way to manage content in a refined manner.

Bold is Better: W3C, Web 2.0 and the web design experts agree that bold text is the latest design trend. Editing only headlines in bold font is now a history. The logo and text need to be in bold font as well. Mini thumbnails are out- remember the bold Facebook and Twitter logo? Even the “sign up now” button on twitter is highlighted in bold and arrests the viewer’s attention.

Social Media Icons: If you look at the latest websites, seldom would you find social media icons missing. They are not considered just extra icons supporting the main content; the social media icons rather make a good use of the blank space and are considered important links in the navigation structure. You cannot ignore the text like “spread/promote this post”, “subscribe to our RSS feed” and “recommended” highlighted on the main pages.

Blocks and Mini Blocks: A predefined menu with Home Page, About Us, Services and Contact links was a practice of the past. Today, most Web Design India companies favor Blocks and Mini Blocks than paragraphed content. Blocks are an area of page with a border, header and footer, to form logically connected elements like links, text, an article preview or a scheme. You may use Blocks with optional shadow.

White Space: White space is an important web design technique for many reasons. Even when the web page has huge illustrations and vibrant graphics, white space is needed to clean the mess and reduce eye strain.

Web Design trends are a fashion statement. Web Design companies in India needs to ensure that the web design looks fresh. And it’s fresh when it’s latest. Today Web 2.0 rules, who knows we offer RIP prayers to it soon and welcome some other standard. So keeping yourself abreast is the key to success.