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TV Is Helpful To Find Product Creation Ideas!

Dated-01 Mar 2013 

This is something that most people will find easy to do, since many already watch a lot TV.

From TV you can discover which the hot topics are. Have you ever noticed that all hot topics on TV will also become hot on the Internet?

So your goal is to find what talk shows are talking about or what is hot on the news. That thing can be a killer product idea. For more help visit to: www.profiting-info-products.com.With a bit of research you will then be able to come up with a way to create a product. The advantage is that you already know there is a huge demand for it, since it is a hot subject.

Creating the product itself is another story, but TV is helpful to find product creation ideas. There are some shows which feature stories. You can grab ideas from those stories themselves. The good thing is that if these shows feature these stories there must be a great demand for them already. Otherwise the shows feature something else. After all they want to give their audience what they are looking for. It is like these shows are doing the market research for you.

For example, if the story is about a man who lost 20 kilos in a month, you know there is great demand for weight loss related products. Your next step would be to start finding out what product to create. You need to love the subject or else it will be very hard to create the product itself.

Once you find that hot product idea, For more detail go to: www.create-video-product.com.how do you go about creating the product itself?

You do not need to become an expert in any of these topics to create the product, but simple interview experts.

From TV you can also learn how interviewers ask their questions. Even by listening to radio interviews. Well you can even use the Internet as well, there are many videos doing some sort of interviews. This is great way to learn how to ask questions during an interview if you plan to interview an expert.

Interviewing experts about something is a great idea to create a hot product, which sells well as a bonus. Interviews do not sell well as main products however.

So TV also helps you to improve your interviewing skills. See how the interviewer does everything they can to get the expert to reveal all his secrets and answer in great detailed.

With experts, you can hire more than one like for example five, and if you spend an hour with each one, that is five hours of hot material. You can turn that interview into an ebook product and it becomes a monster ebook, like 200 pages. The other good thing is you did not have to do research yourself.

Another option you have is to do the research yourself. You can join forums, newsgroups and ezine on the topic to see what problems these people are having. Your product has to be the solution to some of the biggest problems they have. You get to know your customers inside out so you can create the product exactly to solve their problems.

If for example the hot topic was spam, then you can create several different types of products. An ebook explaining what is spam, another one how to prevent it, a software to block spam and the list can go on and on if you know well what the problems are.

The good news is you can keep watching TV, but look out for product ideas you can turn into million dollar products. Keep your eyes and ears opened.