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Tips for hiring a car from Yes Car Hire Company.

Dated-10 Mar 2013 

They even provide discounts on car hire. The yes car hire online company is a very reputed company. Its total focus is directed on providing the best services. They try to provide complete satisfaction to their customers.

Tips on Car hire from Yes Car Hire Company.

1. You must hire a car in advance to avoid inconvenience. You can also save some extra bucks by making the reservation at least one week one advance. Before booking for the car hire you must check the cancellation policies. You must read the policies carefully to know the about the charges on cancellation and how much time is needed to stay away from heavy penalties.
2. Selection of the company should be totally based on the rates, availability of required vehicles and the most important is the services provided by the Car hire company. If you are looking for some luxury car then always remember to call the hire company in advance and book them. The vehicles rented from the airports carry extra surcharge. If you wish to avoid the airport tax or the surcharges then rent the car from the some other location. The yes car hire company includes the airport taxes or surcharges in the price of the car hire. The services provided by the car hire company should be satisfactory or more than satisfactory. You must never compromise for something less when you are making the payments by your own. The yes car hire company offers 24 hours service facility. The
3. In the rental contract add the drivers. When you let someone else drive the car, you go against the contact, which is illegal in this case. Yes Car Hire Company sometimes compromises with the claims against the company’s insurance coverage or on personal insurance coverage. So you must not worry about the fees, incurred for adding more drivers.
4. Yes car Hire Company and several other car hire companies offer Pre pay or refuel options. You can either pay in advance for the petrol or the tank of gas. Don’t go for the Pre-pay option, if you are not traveling a lot.
5. Note each and every mark, existing dents, scratches and other damages in the contract before occupying the car.
6. Follow the terms and condition of the contract. There may be a mileage restriction in your contract. Don’t go beyond the mileage restrictions in order to stay away from the post rental penalties.
7. If the rental car is damaged in an accident to should file an accident report within a few hours. Companies would require a police report. You can solve the problem with minimum exasperation, if you stay cool and calm.
8. Return the rental car on the date and day written on the contract. Check your contract and see whether the car you hired in cared on a daily basis or on an hourly basis.

Yes car hire offers an unbeatable value. So, it is better to opt for this company, for hiring a car. Read all the terms and condition and follow the rules written in the contract.