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Tips for Growing Tomatoes

Dated-09 Mar 2013 

Are you planning to grow tomatoes in your backyard but lack of knowledge holds you back? If you want to grow the juiciest, sweetest, and reddest tomatoes in your neighbourhood, then you should know these basic information about growing these fruits (yes, tomato is a fruit, not a vegetable). Whether you are a tomato hobbyist or a tomato seller, these tomato gardening tips are for you.

Give ample space for the seedlings. Seedlings that are too close may choke the roots, which can prevent the tomatoes from growing and can potentially kill them. Also, there is a bigger chance of competition or water and nutrients if the seedlings are placed very near each other. Make sure that the spaces between the seedlings are just enough for the roots' activities such as intake of water and nutrients from the soil. If you can observe that your tomato seedling is starting to have its very first leaf, transfer it to a pot for faster growth.

In tomato gardening, you should remember to put them directly under the sunlight. Or if not possible, place your seedlings under artificial lighting such as florescent lights. Your tomato garden should be exposed to sunlight.

If you want your tomatoes to have strong and sturdy stems, make sure that they are exposed to a slight breeze outside your garden. Your tomato garden should be in an open area without any structures blocking the wind. If you only have a small space and your house is blocking your garden from the breeze, you can place a fan near your tomatoes and turn it on for up to 10 minutes two times in a day.

Before planting your tomatoes in your garden, make sure that you heat the soil. Use a red or black plastic and cover the whole land where you are planning to plant your tomatoes. Tomatoes that are exposed to sunlight and preheated soil will grow faster that tomatoes that are not.

Tomatoes need to be planted deeply into the soil. You can bury it up to the stem with leaves. Even if you plant the tomato sideways, not upright, it will still grow upward.

Mulching is another way to keep your garden tidy and neat and also to save water. This also prevents diseases caused by bacteria in the soil. For tomatoes, plastic mulch is better because they also give off heat.

Always trim your tomatoes' leaves. If you are into tomato gardening, you should know that leaves at the bottom of the plant will just wilt because they are not exposed to sunlight. They are also closer to the soil so any organisms that can cause diseases in the soil can reach the leaves and infect them. Pruning is also necessary to make your tomatoes bear more fruits.

Be generous when it comes to watering your tomatoes. Also, watering should be regular. Do not let your plants go thirsty for a long period of time and then give them too much water to make up for your neglect because this can cause rotting in flowers and fruits.