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Time Management, Energy Management, & The Entrepreneur

Dated-11 Mar 2013 

Time management is an old school paradigm. Energy management is the new way of the entrepreneurial activist.

Energy management has nothing to do with trying to manage petroleum, coal, electricity, solar or wind power. Energy management is the foundational approach entrepreneurs must learn, understand and cultivate within themselves, their staff and their products and services. Entrepreneurs who do not embrace energy management will soon be, “Going Out of Business.”

Time management has little to do with the challenges entrepreneurs face today.

Time cannot be managed. People cannot be managed. Leaders lead. Managers manage. Leaders lead people. Managers manage things. Time is not a thing. People are not things. Time is not people. People are not time. Entrepreneurs who think they can manage people are in for a rude awakening! How does the hollow sound of, “Going Out of Business,” resonate? People are energy. Energy is the fuel which powers employees, customers, products and services either toward or away… The entrepreneur who is insightful enough to manage and balance high-quality energy levels will be leaving his or her competition in the dust.

Time is needed to cultivate and manage the high-quality energy levels customers are starving for. Toxic energy will drive employees and customers away. This comes with a guarantee. Look around… Does this ring true? Are employees and customers taking their business elsewhere? We begin hearing excuses coming from toxic energy types who blame the economy, the housing market, or fuel prices for what is happening. This blame is the beginning of a slow death for many entrepreneurial ventures. Those who stop trying to manage time, but instead, begin managing energy will discover untapped markets. Enlightened energy managers provide opportunity for all stakeholders. Energy managers must be authentic, however. Employees and customers are not as stupid as some entrepreneurs may think. High-quality, balanced energy cascades from “the being” of the awakened entrepreneur. Toxic energy also cascades from “the being” of the greed-centered entrepreneur. Profits are more important than ever! Still, it is the energy behind the profits that fuel and separate the authentic from the unauthentic.

Time management and the wilted concepts of managing people are over. The future is now! Energy management is now! If you want to become the awakened, highly successful entrepreneur, begin by cultivating and managing high-quality, balanced energy levels within your “self.” Do whatever it takes to become WHOLE and healed. A person cannot give what he or she does not have. If the entreprenuer is infected, the toxic-energy virus infects leadership, management, systems, protocols, employees, customers, products and services. If the entrepreneur recognizes he or she is infected with this deadly virus, but does not know what to do, seek help. The good news is, “Everything a person needs is within reach.” The bad news is, recognizing the toxic energy virus exists in the first place. Not knowing, is a symptom of the disease. In the case of many toxic entrepreneurs, the more infected he or she is, the less aware he or she is as carrier of the disease. “The Cosmic Two-by-Four,” however, always wins. Clunk! Over the head… “Going Out of Business,” signs begin littering the landscape.

Time is the energy we do not fully understand. Yes, there are clocks. We use clocks to measure one hour to the next. Albert Einstein explains “time and energy” in his Theory of Relativity. For those of us who need some assistance in better understanding some of what Albert was trying to tell us, here it is: “If you are with the one you love… an hour seems like a minute. If you are sitting on a hot stove… a minute seems like an hour.”

Time is affected by the energy a person puts behind it. The energy a person brings to time is the winning or losing force. Whether you are the entrepreneur or not, make it your mission to cultivate and manage high-quality, balanced energy levels – or not – it is not up to anyone but you. Here are some choices to consider: Great energy! Good energy! Bad energy! Toxic energy! Just know, all energy is contagious.