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The Worst Mistakes You Can Make When You Do Not Program Your Mind To Set Goals

Dated-21 Feb 2013 

Your mind is the single most effective and essential tool to craft and program your thoughts, aspirations and goals. Consequently, when your goals are properly planned out, it will be very much easier to shape and design the life you want and ultimately the success you strive to attain. Yet, many people still do not even use their minds to set goals, let along take effective actions to achieve their goals.
I am highlighting the mistakes of not programming your mind to set goals because your mind triggers and identifies better when you are alerted to the detrimental effects of not doing something useful and essential. For example, when a student knows that she will not score well or fail in her examination if she does not study, she will work towards studying hard and smart to ace her examinations so as to avoid failure.
The same concept applies here: when your mind is exposed to the negative effects of not setting goals, you will be alerted to the importance of setting goals. Therefore, it is very important to know the worst mistakes you will make if you choose to ignore the significance of programming your brain to set goals and why these mistakes can be very costly to your quest for wealth and success.
When you do not set goals, you are clearly not identifying the purpose or reasons why you do certain tasks or things. You will probably just do those things for the sake of getting the job done and not take pride and enjoyment in doing them. You will have no sense of fulfilment and everything you do will seem like a hectic chore or burden.
This will in turn blur your mental vision and cause you to have no proper direction to steer towards your path to success. You will not know exactly where you intend to head, which proper ways you should take to reach there or how you can remain in the proper path.
Having no purpose or no proper direction is just the start of the horrendous journey to failure when you do not set goals. When you have no purpose or proper direction, this will lead your mind to be unfocused. An unfocused mind will move in too many directions, cause you to do too many things without actually completing all of them and steer you away from your intended purpose. You will then end up choosing and taking the hardest paths and performing the most ineffective actions that will in turn churn out the most undesirable results.
However, in my opinion, the most detrimental effect of not setting goals would be that it leads to procrastination. As you probably know, procrastination is the act of putting off the things that you should be doing to a later time or date. More often than not, you will end up not doing the things that you put off for too long. And not setting targeted goals to achieve on targeted dates will only increase your rate of procrastination and in turn lead you to failure.
Now that you have realised the negative effects of not programming your mind to set goals, how will you program your mind to craft a proper and effective goal-setting plan to achieve the success you want?