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The Top Designer Handbags

Dated-10 Mar 2013 

The present generation is very fast in adapting all the trends taking place in the fashion industry. One major impact has also been there on the handbags. Earlier there were normal handbags with the simple stitching, limited colors and limited features, but today there are designer handbags with improved stitching quality, high prices, better quality material etc. These designer handbags are being designed by the famous designers who are trained in designing these handbags and possess a fair amount of experience in preparing these handbags of the best quality.

There are big names attached to these designer handbags like Gucci, Prada, D& G, etc. These designer handbags come with the tags of the names of their designers. It is the workmanship and the materials which the designers put into the manufacturing of these designer handbags that makes their price very high. These designer handbags ensure that with the proper care and maintenance they will last a lifetime and will always remain fashionable. If willing to buy a designer handbag, be careful from the fake artists who create the replicas of the original designer handbags and sell you at the similar rates. The top designer handbags are available in every style from the clutch to the over- the shoulder to the small evening purses and also in materials from sequined silks to velvets to cowhide.

You should decide about the designer handbag according to your needs. That means if you are visiting a formal place you should buy the small purses whereas if you are going to the market to buy vegetables, fruits etc you should go for buying the larger designer handbags. There is also the availability of the designer handbags which can double as an over- the – shoulder or the clutch purse depending upon the occasion you want to carry the purse for. Versace, Gucci, Fendi, Prada or the Luella Gisele are the top designer handbags available in the world and have given a new shape to the fashion industry.