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Spring Break in Rocky Point 2009 - Where to go? - Part II

Dated-10 Mar 2013 

In the first part of the article on "Spring break in Rocky Point 2009 - Where to go?" – we had discussed that why to go in Rocky Point, Mexico in summer season. In this concluding article, we will discuss the rest of the hotspots in Rocky Point.

Sandy Beach also has its share of restaurants with at least one in every resort. However, the only “Party Spot” is Changos Bar, right by the entrance to the Sonoran Sea and the Sonoran Spa. Also in Sandy Beach, at the end of the resort area going towards Cholla Bay, is “The Reef RV Park” where you can still camp on the beach for a fee. There is also a large bar that gets pretty crowded on Spring Break. If your thing is to enjoy the beach and stay away from the crowds, there are many options available in Rocky Point where, even on the busiest Spring Break week, you won't be crowded. Our favorite quiet spot is Playa Encanto, not too far but far enough to stay away from the noise and the crowds. You will be welcomed by pristine beaches and soft clean white sand. No hotels here, but you can rent a house, kayak the estuary, examine the beautiful beach shells, build sand castles, watch perfect sunsets, spot dolphins (and maybe even whales) and have a wonderful family or romantic time. There are no available for
miles, no bars, no restaurants, no stores, so bring your own food and supplies or be prepared to drive into town. It seems really far, but it's actually just a 20 minute drive.

Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco) offers many choices for college students and families that want to have a great Spring Break. To ensure you have the best of times remember to follow the laws in Mexico. It is not very different from the USA: Use your seat belt, obey the speed limits, and stop at the stop signs (watch carefully as some are missing or hard to see) and most important: Don't drink and Drive! This can get you in a lot of trouble or worse, you could get hurt or hurt someone else. Be aware that streets are not marked as well as in USA. There are a lot of visitors that do not know the city and some locals get impatient, so driving conditions may be particularly challenging during peak tourist season. Drive defensively and stay safe. If you happen to commit some traffic violation, the customary thing is to go to the police station to pay your fine. Do not pay the police officer, do not be scared of going to the police station, they do this because they
have no way of guaranteeing payment of the fine if you are from out of town.

Author: Steve Schwab