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Sony Ericsson G502 Mobile

Dated-10 Mar 2013 

Sony Ericsson is a mid-range 3G candy-bar handset. The G-range is flavored with PDA as they include accessible tools for organizing the day to day life. This light-weight device of 83.5 grams and 109x46x13.5mm in size has a unique feature of weather forecast of up to 3-days in advance – wherever you are. It comes preloaded with a unique feature of Google Maps application.

The 3G function gives you speed on the net. Web sites are on the screen at a blink of an eye and files can be downloaded in no time. An exclusive web-browser key and an email setup wizard facilitate fast access to net. It supports HSDPA downloads.

G502 is pre-loaded with a password manager and support for SSL. One can feel secure while browsing the web, taking back-up files, and email with PC-sync software.
An email client RSS reader, web browser, a set of PIM functions completes the applications. Function of video-calling is not supported in these Mobiles.

The screen-size of 2” with a display of 240x320 pixel display is not so welcoming. 2 mega pixel cameras are good for the basic users. One can have direct interaction with in-phone messaging and imaging features.

Create slideshows equipped with sound and transitions in the phone. Even video-clips are allowed for capturing those memorable moments of life. Add to it just connect the phone directly to the printer, choose an image and give the print-command. This way save on cost, time and clumsiness at one go.

One can get the news and pictures straight on the screen, via RSS feeds. Needless to say, that it is connected with wireless Bluetooth.

As for Media capabilities, they are well supported with stereo Bluetooth, and an inbuilt FM radio, in addition to the normal media player of Sony Ericsson.

Battery back-up is excellent, a 4.5 hours talk-time and 14 hours standby, alternately.

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