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Shirts for men are in varying fabric and according to occasions

Dated-10 Mar 2013 

Shirts are worn on day to day basis and need to be chosen according to the type and atmosphere, where it has to be worn.

Now day’s lots of companies sell shirts for both men and women who are categorized according to the time and occasions. For that matter there is a different shirt for every occasion. Casual wear shirts are very different from the office shirts and likewise formal shirts are not the same as holiday purpose shirts.

Whatever be the occasion there is always a classified and defined shirt to support it. When one dresses for the Monday office a neat and clean, well-creased, light blue striped, white base shirt goes well with your personality in the tropical weather. Stripes in light colored and plain light colored cotton fabric shirts are the most preferred fabric for the official Monday to Thursday schedule of shirts.

Come Fridays and the office comes in the weekend celebration mood whereby marking the occasion with a bit of casual shirts in of course light colors only. They shouldn’t be exactly jazzy to put on and give a casual look to the person wearing it. These days’ companies with major brands have a whole range of shirts available under “Friday Dressing” tag. The purchaser doesn’t have to choose from the large catalogue; instead one section is more than sufficient for shirts for Fridays. There are some short shirts also designed for the lean and chic looking guys.

Designer shirts are very costly and are within the reach of some elite class only. They are also designed according to the moods and style and represent an aura of its own. These are generally custom-based shirts, designed differently from person to person.

Weekend or casual shirts are colorful and in dark shaded also. They can be short in length to be worn over short pants and Bermudas. Almost everyone feels light and away from the otherwise serious office atmosphere.

Never forget to buy some hap-looking, colorful shirts for the holiday tour around a beach or any other tourist place. They are designed to keep you happy and gay at all times on tour.

Men’s shirts are available in fabric like cotton, silk, linen, polyester, and many more fabric to suit the personality of the purchaser.