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Samsung Star S5233 full touch-bar mobile handset

Dated-11 Mar 2013 

Samsung has brought a next revolution in the field of mobiles thereby introducing a state of the art technology in the form of full touch bar handset. It is indeed incredible to work on the visual display in the form of full touch screen. One can easily imagine the style of delicate working with a specialized pencil to commemorate your success in acquiring this elegant handset.

Many mobile handsets have evolved with this unique feature of touch screen facility. However, Samsung is the first one to win applauses for the wholesome screen devoted to touch function. The cost of Samsung Star S5233 is not very high even though it reflects all the unique qualities in the hand set demand so.

Another contribution to the user is its camera feature which has 3.2 Mega Pixel configurations. A Bluetooth configured handset enables its users transform from regular mobile user to hi-tech mobile user. While the user is on the move, listen to FM Radio through the latest Bluetooth technology. When not in a mood to listen to the radio then click on to the music system and listen to the favorite hot collection. The best part of this handset is that the functions need not be pressed through buttons. In fact, it is operational through its preloaded touch screen which enables all activity at the slightest touch of the screen. If the camera facility is of 3.2 Megapixel than the video facility is not far behind which is equipped with MPEG4/H.263/ H.264/WMV enriching the handset with latest video functions.

Samsung Star has concentrated on the quality of the mobile phone with a great phonebook capacity. The internal memory is 50MB and has the ability to expand up to 8 GB memory to enhance its usage in terms of storage.

This black body handset is great in all its features and functions. Even the talk time capacity of Samsung Star S5233 is up to 13hrs and is coordinated by 1000Mah battery. Play games with the help of special pen and feel proud to be the owner of magnificent Samsung Star S5233. Bring Revolutionary change in your world through the most recent Samsung STAR S5233 and receive it through themobilestore at a very reasonable price.