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Samsung Guru E1390 Basic Mobile Phone

Dated-11 Mar 2013 

Samsung Guru E1390 is an entry level mobile phone. Basically, it is a basic phone with basic functions of a mobile phone. Normally, entry level mobile phones are small in structure and have small screen and so is the screen of Samsung Guru, as well.

This handset is good for those who have a habit of leaving their mobile phones, wherever they are sitting and then crying over spilt milk. Losing an entry level mobile phone is not so dreadful, as losing a high-end mobile phone.

It is good to carry, and provides sufficient contact base at any point of time. Most people prefer Samsung mobiles because of their greater functioning as compared to competitors.

Samsung Guru has FM music for its users. Whether it’s a high end mobile user or an entry level mobile user, everyone is fond of listening to FM from mobile phone for relaxing and passing free time. Whenever user is sad or happy, he or she wants to share the feeling with someone and who is better than oneself. Share your sorrows with your FM and let your tears roll by to feel light and better. Similarly, happiness can be celebrated with FM by dancing on tunes and letting one have best of times. Or simply sit and relax with some nice melodious tunes of yesteryears. FM has great ways of bringing back favorite yesterdays.

Send in sentimental sms to your girl friend all through the day and make her feel special. She will surely be enlightened with the feeling that her boyfriend manages to remember her, every moment. SMS is another way of pleasing someone who is very sad and non-understanding. When you have committed a meeting and can’t make it due to some urgent work, then you can easily send a sms to the person concerned person. This way you don’t have to call up the person for long explanation.

Entry level Mobiles like Samsung Guru E1390 are small, sturdy and ok to look at. They are best in terms of usage and entertain you with ease. There is no fear of losing this handset, because it has least features. Samsung Guru E1390 is available at themobilestore. Click on to get it at discount.