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Online Gaming Takes A Whole New Direction…

Dated-11 Mar 2013 

Since the advent of the internet, games have been synonymous with going online. But, until now, it has been limited to casino-style, role-playing and kid's games. Now, with the release of The Country Club's Golden Fairway FX, all that has changed.

Golden Fairway FX is an inter-active online golf game that allows players to compete for real prizes (cash and merchandise) in tournament-style online play. These features add a whole new dimension to the online gaming experience. Not only does it offer substantial prizes but, unlike casino-style games, it also offers the average person a chance to pit their skills against equally ranked competitors. And in our competitive and sports minded society, this is a balm for those frustrated "arm-chair golfers" who wish they could compete, but never had the chance. Plus, at this time of year, golfers will particularly appreciate a way to "stay in the game" without having to stand out in the cold.

And, right now, a chance to help in a charitable cause, too.

Between January 17, 2006 and May 1, 2006 a special Marissa Medical Relief Benefit Tournament is being held to help Marissa and her family cope with the substantial expenses of a much needed back operation for the 14-year-old girl. This will be Marissa's third operation in the last two years and also requires extensive, daily hydrotherapy for some time afterwards. The expenses for the whole treatment are exhaustive and this benefit will help defray them for her family.

For the sake of the benefit, this tournament ONLY will be held longer than most and, to help as possible, offers more modest prizes than usual, though there will be a bonus prize for "highest donation". Considering the nature of this very special tournament, the competitors will be more than happy to overlook this.

Typical tournaments are 2 to 4 weeks long, allowing participants ample time to enter their best scores in the leaderboard, without delaying prize awards. Prizes include the chance to win purses such as $50,000 and $100,000, new luxury cars and vacation vouchers.

But even more so, the real attraction of this game is the spirit of true competition in the online game arena. Any sports enthusiast who has enjoyed playing computer games or has wished to play against friends, but never had the chance, can do so now. Conversely, the game also offers the non-competitor the option to forego the tournaments and play alone or with their own friends.

Playing the game, too, is reasonably priced, costing only $19.95 for the downloaded game, which includes an unlimited amount of 9-hole games and two 18-hole tournaments. Plus, there is a selection of courses to choose from, as well as a "trial version" located at the Play The Game link, in the byline, below. For those who do wish to participate further in tournaments, "e-greens-fees" vary.

And, for those not interested in golf, The Country Club plans to release two other competition-style inter-active games later this year: a competitive Soccer game and a Race-Car Driving game.

Besides the impact this game will have on the gaming community, The Country Club is currently offering distributorships to those interested in promoting this product themselves. This offering is backed by the parent company, MVP Online, an 11-year-old online gaming company, that has put together a winning combination of a forced, compressed MLM matrix, a company-sponsored national television advertising campaign and top-level management support geared to help each distributor fulfill their potential. With the online gaming industry in its infancy and this unique new offering, The Country Club will prove to be a major player in the marketing world, too. --Mo