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Online Chess: Technological Achievement of Internet

Dated-06 Mar 2013 

Chess is famously known as the game of minds, the comprehension of opponents’ strategies, and mathematical thinking. History would also be a manifestation of how Persia used chess to change the world even up to now. In the past, chess was only played by the high classes of the society. But in our contemporary time now, chess is now played not only by rich people but also by the masses which comprise mostly of our society right now. This is now a game for those with overwhelming passion and this is now played transcending the barriers brought about by educational pedigree and social standings. This is also the way of how golf and tennis used to remove the sigma that societal whims imposed in playing a game.

Unlike other sports and games that we know, chess can be played over long periods of time. Others would also say that we can actually play chess with different partners while staying at home and at the same time ensuring that the other board of chess that they are playing is till safe with other opponents. There was also a time in the past that would show that you can play chess without your partner or opponent being actually present in the scene by playing while both players are actually on both sides of the phone. With this in mind, there came a lot of technological innovations that would make chess transcend different barriers so that it can be played anytime and anywhere without actually thinking of how your partner would play with you because of time and distance.

Because of the proliferation of internet chess online, we are able to find competitors for us to be able to play against them and at the same time make new friends and learn new ideas with them. In the past, these things can only happen during chess meetings and conventions. But with the use of the internet as an immediate tool, we can now play with people all over the world without moving a mile. Because of the fact that we can play chess online, there is no more need for other requirements of playing it especially physical interaction.

Indeed, internet made all things possible for us. The once so impossible things now become so reachable because of the benefits that internet gives us. With this in mind, we can actually say that indeed, chess has proven itself as the king of all games in the world. What more could we ask for?


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Online Chess: Technological Achievement of Internet