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Nokia 5000 Mid-Segment Mobile Phone

Dated-10 Mar 2013 

Nokia 5000 is a mid-segment mobile phone with lots of features.
It is stylish in appearances suited for youth at best. College going students prefer Nokia 5000 because it is a younger looking stylish phone in white. Green border add to its attraction.

The key factors include camera in 1.3MegaPixel configuration that captures desired image with good efficiency. Cameras are useful feature of mobile phone, as people want to capture their precious moment every now and then. Capturing moments and reliving them over again brings lot of pleasure in everyone’s heart. Bluetooth facility enhances functionality by transferring images to mobile phones of fellow beings.

Music player is second most preferred requirement of youth. They simply love to hangout in canteens with their favorite numbers. Nokia 5000 is loaded with ARM, mp3, WAV, MIDI formats, AAC that give ultimate music experience to user. Music touches your soul, so keep listening to music, whenever you are free.

Most mobile phones are loaded with FM Radio. Radio is a great entertainer for all age groups. So, whosoever be the user, it simply entertains with lots of music and fun.

Make as many friends as you can and save all contacts in Nokia5000 which has the capacity of 1000 entries at any time. Friends are life’s treasures, so they should be in contact at each and every moment. Even if you are not able to talk to your friend, then send a small sms to bring that precious smile on each other’s face. Sms is a great way of staying connected with each other.

Stay in touch with all your friends and keep sending sms through your mobile every now and then. Nokia mobiles have an ability of sending same sms to many people at the same time. This saves time and effort and keep you connected as well.

Polyphonic MP3 Players ringtones are present in Nokia5000 mobile phone. You can set your phone with melodious ringtones, every now and then. Entertain you and your friends with exciting games in your mobile.

WAP and GRPS technology along with operating system of Series 40 Nokia OS enables sending of friendly as well as official emails to anyone and everyone, without fail. Log on to themobilestore and purchase Nokia5000 at quite low prices.