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New Michael Hirsch Releases Puppies of the Victorian Era

Dated-11 Mar 2013 

Boston, MA--February 6, 2006--This is the story of an obscure, eccentric, indie folk singer from Boston. Michael Hirsch questions reality and the depths of the music industry. “Where is all the creativity, the raw emotion and where did all the real music go?” Hirsch definitely addresses these questions in his new release Puppies of the Victorian Era.

Michael Hirsch is quickly establishing himself as a premier solo artist. Obviously, his music and live performances are truly appreciated across the pond as crowds welcome him with open arms during frequent tours of Europe. Additionally, Michael sells the majority of his CDs overseas; he is moving five times as many units in Europe as he is in the US. Hirsch will tour this spring and summer and will travel throughout the Northeast and Canada in support of Puppies of the Victorian Era.

Hirsch is a singer songwriter by trade but often contemplates playing the role of a front man. His definition of his genre is different than most. He explains, “I mean I’m on stage as an individual, I am by myself. I still haven’t lost my punk rock roots. My live shows involve jumping, screaming, and cursing. If I’m not sweating by the first chorus of the first song than I am doing something wrong. I want to take the folk singer and break the stereotype of a guy sitting on a stool singing sensitive songs about his feelings as the audience sips coffee.”

Although Hirsch plays to his own tune, he credits a few influences along the way. He looks to the Cure for their raw emotion and hopelessness mixed with their occasional happiness. Additionally, Hirsch admits that REM, to this day continues to assist his writing and singing abilities. Finally, he credits Tori Amos, Barenaked Ladies, and Wilco for the separate stamp each has placed on his young and talented career.

Puppies of the Victorian Era, produced by Frank Hopkins and mastered by Nick Moon, is complex, intelligent, and it exhibits genuine artistic growth. The first single, “Queen Vanessa” shows evidence of something special. Hirsch creates a larger sound than ever before and the superior production pays huge dividends for his vocal range. Hirsch takes the listener on an intense journey and has the ability to tell stories that we all identify with.

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