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Motorola EM30 Cherry mobile and music system both

Dated-11 Mar 2013 

How would you feel that your mobile phone is a phone when you need to talk and a music system, when you want to rock? Motorola EM30 Cherry is one of the most versatile mobiles with GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz and Bluetooth connectivity for end-users.

Bluetooth mobiles are very easy to handle. All you have to do is plug-in your Bluetooth headset in your ear and go hands free, all over the place, with ease. No need to carry your huge and hefty mobile in your hands and keep them occupied. Of course, USB connectivity helps in making it more useful amongst other mobiles which are devoid of USB Port.

Entertain yourself with Motorola EM30 Cherry through Video player, games, FM Radio, and Music player. FM is a must for all players as it relaxes your mind, body and soul, together. These days, if a mobile lacks in games, then it is not up-to-the-mark mobile phone. So Motorola EM30 has quite a number of games for its users. Music player is not far behind. When you want to rock with EM30, you simply switch on to Motorola Music player and start dancing with your favorite numbers.

Motorola EM30- Cherry has a video player, a camera with a high zoom factor. 2 MP cameras clicks and captures all beautiful moments of your life with ease, and video player records each precious moment in its camera phone. Voice recorder enables all recordings come alive with time.

MP3 and polyphonic ringtones lets user be choosy about ringtones for it is one of the most personal options of a person. Some users love their ringtones as soft and subtle, while others go for bold. Religious ringtones are also prevalent amongst some highly religious people.

It is a candy bar mobiles phone with dimensions of 53x10.6x115mm and 100g by weight. Send your sms and mms through this handset whenever and wherever you want.

Motorola is loved amongst those who love colors and zest in life. Its red color marks boldness and fearlessness and designing depicts an active mobile phone for users. This is one of those handsets which give full entertainment along with usability. Themobilestore is a leading mobile shopping portal that offers almost all brands in mobile phones with latest handsets.