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Dated-28 Feb 2013 

Perhaps one of the most difficult problems that the men and women deal with is Headaches, Fatigue, Allergies, Disturbed Sleep, Digestive Disorders, Pain and PMS (Peri-Menopausal Symptoms). Lonstein Chiropractic & Acupuncture strives to provide the best quality chiropractic and Acupuncture care possible.
Developed over 100 years ago, this conservative, drug-free, surgery-free approach to optimal health is based on the premise that the relationship between the body's structure and function is a significant factor in your health. Chiropractic is a healing discipline firmly grounded in science. Although its main focus is the relationship between the skeleton (particularly the spine) and the nervous system that runs through it, chiropractic is concerned with the care of the entire body.
Chiropractors use various diagnostic methods, including x-rays, to discover the state of your health, paying particular attention to your spine and bone structure. Spinal manipulation and other manual adjustments are their primary methods of helping your body heal it. Chiropractic works to address the CAUSE of health problems. Every cell in your body has a nerve that goes to it. The same nerve that goes to a muscle or skin cell also goes to the organs, glands, tissues and blood vessels in that area. Your brain and central nervous system control how all parts and systems of your body perform their functions. Irritation to nerves can cause functional problems like headaches, fatigue, sinus allergies and sleep problems, irritability and digestive problems. It can cause sensory problems like pain, tension, tingling and numbness.
Research shows that chiropractic spinal manipulation has superior results in, Reducing Back Pain, Reducing Neck Pain, Reducing Headache Pain, and Increasing Range of Motion in Joints. There is an overwhelming body of evidence indicating that chiropractic management of lower back pain is more cost-effective than medical management. This evidence includes studies showing lower chiropractic costs for the same diagnosis and episodic need for care. The symptoms listed on the next page are an indication of how successful chiropractic care can be in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries.
The mission is to provide exceptional healthcare and services to as many people as we can. To make the lives of our patient's better, to heal their health problems in an effective, efficient and ethical manner. To be positive each and every day. To make our
patient's understand what we have to offer. To leave every patient that comes in contact with our practice in better health then before treatment.
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