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LG KP 115 simple and cheap mobile phone

Dated-11 Mar 2013 

With WAP2.0 and GPRS10, users can surf the net with ease and also download all important information from the net. This black mobile phone is cheap in price and simple in designing.

LG KP115 is active at network of GPRS 900/DCS1800, that makes them work in local area network only. This means that if they have to move to some other place than in India then they have to buy another handset which has a frequency matching to the frequency of that place.

LG KP115 is 103x46x13mm in dimensions and is available in black color. Its display screen is in 128x128pixel size and is CSTN type in 65K colors. 64 polyphonic ringtones and mp3 are available for choosing ringtone of your choice. Users have the privilege of keeping the phone at vibration mode in times of emergency.

Users are privileged with 500 entries in phonebook and have additional facility of keeping call records as well. An additional feature is that users can enhance their memory by using micro SD card.

Communicate through SMS and MMS when you are unable to make a call. While you are forced to sit in a conference which is absolutely boring, then you can talk to your friend with SMS facility also. This makes your time pass with ease and also keeps you entertained. Another advantage is that users can utilize their non-productive time by sending SMS.

Of course you can spend some of your time in playing games and when you are bored of it then you can easily download games of your choice at any point of time.

There is lot of entertainment modes in this mobile handset that keeps you away from boredom. MP3 Players /Support will definitely keep you entertained at any point of time.

Clock and Alarm are two important features that are present in this entry level mobile phone. LG KP115 is indeed an entry level mobile phone that has all the basic features of a mobile phone including phone facility, SMS facility and storage facility. Therefore, if you are looking for a mobile phone for using it purely for phone purposes, then simply log on to themobilestore and place your order online.