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HTC Windows Mobile Phones – A Cut Above The Edge

Dated-10 Mar 2013 

High Tech Computer Corporation established in the year 1997, of course not so far back, manufactures high end mobile phones. Still, these are one of the best selling mobile phones in the market.

Launching its first mobile phone in the year 2002, it’s best known for its finger –touch mobile phone – HTC Touch. With a inbuilt Touch FLO (Touch FLO feature enables easy finger touch access to web pages, documents, messages and contact lists. Capable of distinguishing between finger and stylus input, it was one of the most advanced Windows feature installed at the time of launch). The mobile phones manufactured by HTC are basically feature rich touch phones, PDA or smart phones. Till today, HTC is running on the same lines.

The basic gadgets which HTC produces are Touch Phones, PDA Phones, Smart Phones and Mobile Computer. In Touch Phone comes the series Of Touch HD, Touch 3G, Touch Viva, Diamond CDMA, Touch Diamond, Touch Cruise, Touch Dual and Touch. In PDA Series, the models come out as 818 Pro, D600, C800, P3400i, TyTN II, P3470, P4350, P3350, P3000, P3400 and P3300. In Smart phones there are only there in the series – S720, S710 and C720W. The Mobile Computer produced by HTC sells under the model name U1000.

HTC mobile phones have the uniqueness of Windows installed in them, making them the best featured mobiles for business man. The Touch screens give them an added advantage. The next generation mobile phones are an art to speak of. Best in terms of quality and features, these are among the best selling mobiles worldwide.

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