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How you relax Your Mind With Sleep

Dated-11 Mar 2013 

Insomnia in America has reached an all-time high. It is reported that over 64 million Americans suffer from it. Contributing factors to insomnia are a poor diet, too much caffeine, alcohol, anxiety and depression. Lack of sleep causes fatigue during the day and may make you feel too tired to exercise and very reliant on coffee and other stimulants to get through the day. Many people get caught in this vicious cycle. If you are having trouble getting a good night’s sleep, here are a few helpful tips:
Relax Your Mind: At the end of a long day, it can be tough to clear your mind of the many things that have been left unfinished. It is helpful to write down everything that you need to do the next day in order to get it out of your mind so that you can relax. It is amazing how much a small thing like this can help you get ready for a healthy night’s sleep.
Stretch: Most people don’t realize that a good stretch is the most natural way to prepare for a good sleep. Watch a baby or small child when they start to feel sleepy and they will naturally stretch and yawn. Unfortunately, adults often lose this natural inclination that relaxes the body and prepares the mind for sleep. Maintaining flexibility helps reduce stress and relax the mind and body. It also encourages muscles to relax and removes toxins from the body. Try simple stretches like raising your arms as high as possible above your head and touching your toes. Lay down on the floor or on a firm bed and lengthen your arms towards your feet and stretch to touch your toes.
Use Music: Relaxing music has a more powerful effect on the mind and body than most people realize. It has been shown that listening to peaceful music is one of the best ways to actually relax the muscles and put your body in the right state for deep, effective sleep.
Exercise: Studies show that those who exercise daily are much more likely to sleep better at night. When you exercise you help your muscles to grow and develop. This increases your metabolism and helps your body to burn fat. This process continues while you sleep, which makes your body tired. With regular cardio exercise, you basically kill two birds with one stone. You trim fat while putting yourself in the best position to feel tired and sleep well at night.
Use Smart Supplements: There are lots of supplements out there that claim to help you achieve restful sleep. Be wise and choose a natural supplement like Whey Protein. This all-natural byproduct of dairy is 90% protein and helps your body develop lean muscle even while you sleep. This is a gluten-free supplement that is used by professional athletes and anyone who wants to burn fat and build lean muscle. Whey Protein is a great way to effectively increase your metabolism as you exercise regularly before bedtime.
By following these tips you should be looking and feeling better in no time, and sleeping soundly through the night.