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How To Internet Marketing On A Budget?

Dated-07 Mar 2013 

There are many site promotion companies that promise to generate traffic for your site, but if you are a business on the Internet, you want more than just hits; you want potential customers to visit your site. The techniques discussed below will give you an understanding of what is working on the Internet, and bring those customers to you if properly applied.

There are a lot of search engine submission sites on the web, and these are great for initially announcing your site, but the best way to get high ranking is to visit the few engines that still accept "free" submission, and submit directly to them. The purpose of the search engine is to find new site on the web and catalog them, and they generally search one another for new site listings. For more detail go to: www.outsource-beginners.com. A high ranking on a few free search engine will get you listed on the engines that are "pay for inclusion," this may require a bit more time, but it can save you money in the long run.

The best source for increasing traffic to your site is article submission; I have an article I wrote entitled "Searching the Internet without Search Engines" that was picked up by hundreds of web marketing and advice sites. To be successful using this type of marketing requires repetition, and writing on topics you are familiar with. These articles do not have to be sales pitches for your site, just information relating to topic you are familiar with, and most services that use your article will have a "bio" section that you can use to discuss your site. The object of article submission is for the sources that use your articles to become familiar with your writing, and feel that you have something to say about a particular topic. It does not hurt to mention your website in the article, but do not use the article to simply sale your website. After ten years of marketing various websites, I feel that I can help the next entrepreneur avoid the mistakes and pitfall that I have made, so that's why I submit article on promotions and marketing.

Newsgroups have been around since the early development of the web, and they are still considered an excellent source for people to share ideas. Posting to a newsgroup about your business is basically the same as writing articles, it should not be a blatant sales letter, but instead it should be an invitation for potential customers to visit your site. Newsgroups encompass a variety of general subjects, so no matter what type of business you operate; there is a newsgroup to post your message to.


Effective website promotion on a budget can be an elusive goal to achieve if you fail to use the right tools effectively get your message out. Some of these techniques will provide you with instant increases in traffic, while other may take weeks or months to show results. The techniques listed above are intended to relay your experience in a given industry, and as an expert in your field of business, these sources can accomplish more than any paid advertising can achieve.