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How Many Pages Are There In Your Sales Letter?

Dated-10 Mar 2013 

The reason for this is simple: you want to get your prospects to read your sales letter from top to bottom, keep their focus on your words and make the decision to buy your product right there and then without having to click away to another page to find out more info. Nothing should be there to distract them, everything should lead to one goal only and that is to have your prospects BUY your product. If you haven't achieved that by the time they get to the bottom of your page there are no second chances, you've lost them - never to return! If this happens regularly, then you have some work to do. Maybe your headline is not strong enough or you need to rewrite your copy - make it flow more or if necessary make it longer or shorter. If you need to, add some more testimonials or emphasize the value of the benefits to your prospect, change the style of your words a little - in short do whatever you have to, to get the buy impulse into your prospect from one page only! I am often asked "How long should my sales letter be?" The simple answer is as long as it needs to be to get the sale - No longer and no shorter. ? Generally speaking, the ONLY link on your page is the link to the Pay Button, there should be no other links in your sales letter or go to www.web-sales-letter-supreme.com This is such an important key to success for the same reasons as restricting your sales letter to one page only - to FOCUS your prospects mind on your words and entice him/her to buy your product!
That means: no links to about Me, F.A.Q., Sitemap, or even Page 2, definitely no advertisements (banner ads, Google Adsense and the like) on your sales letter, either. If you need to have a FAQ page attached to your sales letter this means that your sales copy is not doing its job properly. Any questions that your prospect may have about your product or offer should be addressed in the copy proper. So take a little more time to get into the mind of your customer and imagine the questions he may have about your product then answer those powerfully when you write.
If you have problems thinking up some questions a prospect may have, give your product to friends or acquaintances to try and get their input. Alternatively, if developing your own products, you might want to consider driving traffic to a short survey page where you ask people for their input in return for a substantial discount or free bonus. You could form a question like: "I'm developing a solution to XYZ and I need your help to make sure it satisfies your needs. Please tell me what is your biggest concern concerning XYZ. Once you do I will give you an 80% discount on the purchase price of the finished product as a thank you for your help" A spin off to this is that you can capture an email address for your list and have some ready customers on launch day, as well as knowing that what you've developed is what the market wants you can visit www.10steps-to-killer-web-copy.com I often see sales letters that have a great testimonial included, but at the end of the testimonial there is a hyperlinked URL inviting the reader to click and see what else the testimonial giver has said. Just think for a minute what will happen to your reader in this case, he's focused on your story and has seen the benefits of your product backed up by the testimonial.
Then he notices the hyperlink at the end of the testimonial, so he thinks to himself "let's just see what else 'Joe Boggs' has to say" A quick click and your reader is gone - of course he means to return but His concentration has been broken and what is worse is, that by following the hyperlink he is often taken to a sales page for a completely different product (or worse still a competing product). Once there his attention is captured by the headline and he starts reading if you are remotely lucky he will return to your page later on and try to continue reading your sales letter but even if this happens his concentration has been broken and it will be almost impossible to capture again. Anything that distracts your prospect from your primary goal is a No-No. As soon as you allow him to lose focus that's it He's gone never to return and you can't allow that to happen can you? Keep well and keep on earning.