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How exactly should you price your product?

Dated-10 Mar 2013 

One of the most common mistakes of new ebusiness owners is that they create a website and hope that people will visit it. Keep in mind that in order to attract traffic, you will need to advertise your site to promote awareness. If you don't have the money to shell out for expensive traffic-generating tools and if you want to easily make a name in the online arena, I highly recommend that you use article marketing. This is the process of distributing information to your prospects in the form of short articles. If you are able to impress these people by giving them the exact information that they are looking for, they are most likely to trust you and later on, click on your resource box.

Here's how you can make money through article marketing:

1. Topic selection. If you want to generate high quality web traffic, you should write about topics that will attract those people who are most likely to buy from you. For more details www.article-writing-secret.com.Talk about the pressing issues that they are currently facing, write about the things that they would die to know about, or write about the things that can help them improve their personal lives. Just make sure that these topics are closely related to your products and services so you can easily pitch in your offerings at the end of your copies.

2. Titles. Convince more people to open your articles by using titles that are attention-grabbing, benefit-driven, keyword-rich, and descriptive. Online users must have a solid idea as to what benefits they can expect to get from your content and what type of information you are going to offer the moment they see your article titles on search page results.

3. Promote further reading. Hook your readers on your content so they will not close your articles before they reach your resource box. Make your content interesting to read and engaging. Load every part of your copies with useful information and deliver your messages using the simplest terms to avoid confusion. It would also help if you can make your articles scannable by highlighting the most important information and by using subheadings.

4. Make each word count. Your articles must be free from fillers to give your prospects great reading experience. For more details www.ezines-success.com.After writing your articles, review your content and decide if all the words you use are helping you in educating your readers. If your articles can stand alone without unnecessary words, make sure that your strike them out to make your content concise and relatively short.

By the way, are you a coach, consultant, entrepreneur, speaker, small business owner or online marketer who is tired of getting paid less than you are worth for your coaching and consulting?