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Google Background Check as a Tool for your Research

Dated-11 Mar 2013 

Many of us preferred Google as our source of information available in the web. Even in doing a background check it’s a known fact that even judges use search engines. Google search directs someone to find the background check info that the person may be looking for or guidance for handling a case.

A report on News.com stated that a government employee, David Mullins, complained that his “right to fundamental rightness” is violated. He was then suspected of misuse of government vehicle, time and travel card and falsification of official travel document.

Valerie Capell was the one who weighed the allegations against the accused. She, herself discovered that Mullins was twice removed from a job (with the Department of Air Force and with the Smithsonian Institution, respectively).

Ms Capell’s decision to fire Mullins from the job doesn’t affect the Google search. In fact, when Capell discovered Mullins losses of job, she had already 102 specifications that would support the allegations against Mullins.

The government agent hast the right in conducting a background check. It is a process on which the company can check either the employee has a clean record or has a questionable reputation before. It just only justifies the decision of Capell that firing Mullins is right. With the substantial evidences recorded and known and procedures according to law, the decision made no prejudices.

Google search, as part of a background check, is not a question. It can be a reliable resource of information. Though it is not used against a person to judge per se, a background check is used to identify one’s identity to have a fair judgment. And definitely, a background check is used not to harm others but a useful material for any decision.

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