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Good Opportunity for First time Home Buyers in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Dated-10 Mar 2013 

The slowdown in real estate market offers a great opportunity for individuals who want to buy their first home. And Puerto Vallarta Homes make a good option though there is no dearth of affordable properties available for you in Mexico. Properties in Puerto Vallarta offer a wide variety of alternative homes, well suited to families of every size.

Another reason for Puerto Vallarta being a better investment option is the convenience of relocating in this area. Scenic beauty of this area makes Puerto Vallarta an ideal place for people who want to break free from the maddening pace of a city life.

Living in Puerto Vallarta means putting a brake in your lifestyle. The life here is slow and relaxed. With an exotic blend of the old and the new, this city region offers an unparallel combination of simple pleasures and sophisticated charms. Visitors will find fine dining restaurants, art galleries, luxury shopping centers and nightclubs in perfect harmony with street-side vendors selling Mexican handcrafts, traditional markets and roving mariachi bands. Puerto Vallarta is blessed with twenty five miles of golden beaches within spectacular Banderas Bay. Thus Puerto Vallarta presents unlimited opportunities for enjoying the Pacific like no else place does. Water activities like fishing, sailing, snorkeling, swimming as well as hiking are popular activities. It also has an underwater nature preserve known as Los Arcos. Apart from ocean, Puerto Vallarta also has colossal mountains which add to the beauty of this heavenly place. The mountains are adorned by the dense forests of Sierra Madre. If the natural beauty is Vallarta is not enough then old city charm and its warm people make it an icing on the cake.

Puerto Vallarta homes are affordable compared to American homes, due to economy meltdown, people who are dreaming big to buy a beachfront house or a condo with seaside view. Adventure seeking families more into water sports would find their homes near to lake a good investment.

Traditionally, Mexican Real Estate purchases have been limited to investors with enough cash to buy real estate without need for financing in Mexico. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to pay cash for property. To circumvent this obstacle, Mexican Government introduced a system in which banks in Mexico acquire the property you want to buy and place it in trust for the sole use of the foreign property owner, or "beneficiary". This trust, called a "Fideicomiso" ensures that the foreign buyer has all the rights and privileges of Mexican Property ownership, including the right to remodel, lease, mortgage, or sell the property at any time.

Author: Aniruddha Badola