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Free Applications for your Mobile Phones

Dated-11 Mar 2013 

Mobiles are now not just for receiving and making phone calls these days, they work as your ipod, computer, camera, gaming and tracking device. The use of mobiles is endless.

All Mobile phones are made with an operation system which supports the operation of software applications. For example, Blackberry runs on the Blackberry OS and iPhone from Apple on the iPhone OS. iTunes can also be used to download music, television shows, games and other applications from the Internet. Originally, Motorola Mobile Phones supported the synching of iTunes library with cell phones. Certain mobile phone applications have capabilities of converting YouTube videos to formats compatible with mobile phones. Moreover, most of these applications do not require technical expertise and can be easily installed on cell phones.

Here are some free applications that can be added to your Mobile Phones that will make it more than just a mobile. For browsing, messaging and checking emails Opera Mobile, Skyfire, Google app, Cell Spin are to name a few, browsers that let you do a variety of functions. These browsers not only let you check your emails, you can blog, search, use all Google functions like docs, maps, photos, readers and you can also access social networking sites giving you single window access to Skype, MSN messenger, Gtalk, twitter, yahoo and upload your photos on picassa.

For tracking your phone you can use MobiWee, it allows you remote access to your mobile phone in case you loose it. You can even delete and wirelessly access your data through a pc. Viigo and Pocket Express are modular applications that give you instant access to news, weather, business updates, etc.

Dashwire and Dotfred give you an instant access to your files, contacts, messages, photos, speed dials, appointments saved on your phone. You can access this data through a PC on the internet or even offline.

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