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Fly V80 No-Nonsense Mobile Phone

Dated-11 Mar 2013 

Some people prefer simplicity and ease in their life. They live to work and provide services all through their life. Fly V 80 is meant for such people only. It is a kind of mobile phone which gives services to the user in the form of making calls and receiving calls.

Fly V80 is a candy bar mobile phone in dark grey. This long elongated mobile phone provides easy access to making and receiving of desired calls. Since its phone book memory is quite large, so it provides data storage at its maximum. This basic mobile handset can store 800 entries in its phone book.

Users opting for this Fly V80 prefer no-nonsense attitude in their life. That is why Company has not provided any games in this classic handset. When there are interesting games in a handset, then kids like to play those games. In the process, the battery gets exhausted and sometimes handset also gets mishandled. To avoid such complications, one can easily opt for FlyV80 mobile phone and rest in peace.

There are so many functions attached with mobile phones that a person tend to forget the basic function of a mobile handset and that is to make and receive calls and messages. FlyV80 is a mobile phone for those people who prefer to stay far away from the madding crowd.

There is no end to individual’s ambitions. Companies take advantage of this aspect and come up with add-on technologies with every mobile handset. In the process the basic function of a mobile handset is lost.

Sometimes even the consumers are not aware of all the mobile phone functions at the time of purchase of a recent mobile phone. Moreover, they never feel inquisitive or compelled enough to take advantage of such functions. These advanced mobile phones are purchased to provide a snob appeal to the customer.

FlyV80 is a no-nonsense mobile phone which provides 3hrs of continuous talk time and a stand by time of 96 hours thereby enabling user to talk for the desired time without any tension. Users can retrieve call data up to 10 missed, received and dialed calls respectively. Log on to themobilestore and be the proud owner of no-nonsense mobile phone.