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Finding A Profitable Your Niche Marketing Strategy!

Dated-28 Feb 2013 

Niche marketing is crucial today if you are to survive in the online business world. Unless you have been gifted with special hindsight of being able to compete with the likes of Amazon.com and EBay, you're better off focusing on a specific niche. If your aim is to making money online, not only do you need to focus on a niche but you need to find a "profitable" niche.

So, the golden question is: how DO you go about finding profitable niches?

Well, unfortunately, there is no easy way. You will have to do your homework. Here are some tips you may want to consider when looking for that profitable niche.

* Keyword research

If you've been online for awhile, you'll probably already know what keyword research is. Keyword research, for more details visit to www.insomnia-battle.com in its basic form, is simply to type in a general word into a keyword research tool and looking at the results.

What you're looking for are keywords that have a good number of searches (i.e. people are actually interested in the niche) but you don't want to be targeting a keyword that's too general and too popular.

* Competition

When you've found a keyword you think would be good to target, do a quick search on Google for the keyword. Look at the results. If the results are conquered by big important site such as Amazon, EBay and Wikipedia, for more details visit to www.art-of-astrology.com you're probably better off with another keyword. This would high likely mean that you have to work hard to get your site in the first page of the search engine results for that keyword.

* Commercial intent

Not all keywords are equal. Commercial intent is simply the probability that the searcher has intent to buy something. Someone who types in "order cooking set online", for example, is more likely to buy than someone who types in a phrase like "open source bog script".

So, what you're after are keywords that show that there's a high chance that the searcher is out to buy something. This may not necessarily be limited to the actual keyword. It could be just the niche itself.

There you go. This should help you start off on the right foot when looking for a profitable niche. Just remember that getting yourself in a profitable niche is the first step that will increase your chances of you making money from it. So take your time with this. Get this right, and you're on your way to a successful niche business.