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  • Justin Hamlin
    What You Should Expect from Your Drug Rehab Center
    The most exclusive drug rehab center is available at Cliffside Malibu and the best services are provided by Cliffside.
  • tod tody
    Some people are turning away from street dugs, but there is a now a growing threat lurking in the medicine cabinet. It is the abuse of prescription drugs or over the counter drugs. Prescription and over the counter drugs are abused in order to get “high”. Some of these prescription drugs that are often abused are painkillers, like those used after surgery; depressants, like sleeping pills or anti-anxiety drugs and stimulants. Some abuses over the counter drugs such as cough and cold remedies. Most prescription drug addicts started as an unwitting victim, meaning, they started it for a legitimate medical problem, physical or emotional, but once hooked, quitting becomes a problem.
  • Justin Hamlin
    Why Private Drug Rehab Programs Are So Important
    Your need for private and confidential drug rehab program has its rigtht answer at Cliffside Malibu for your complete drug rehab.

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