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Don’t Break The Law: The Universal Law of Abundance Pt. 2

Dated-25 Feb 2013 

In part 1 of our series, "What Is "The Secret" Really About? The Universal Law of Abundance, Pt. 1," we dissected the film "The Secret" and its take on the Law Of Attraction. In this section we will delve deeper into the Law Of Abundance and discover how the Law Of Attraction is a companion to the Law of Abundance.

While the Law Of Attraction teaches that you’ll have what you attract, the Law Of Abundance states that your true self is that of abundance. But what one may be left wondering is, “Where do I start? How can I attract the good in my life?” First you must understand 3 important facts, One...

1. Abundance is all around us, and...

2. Our true self is abundance, therefore...

3. You have the right to live abundantly.

Think about that. You have the right – the Divine right to live abundantly. Each of us deserves to live our passions and have all our desires fulfilled, regardless of what our background, race, or economic situation may be.

Abundance is continual affluence; the continual flow of prosperity on every level of your life. Universal and cosmic laws which govern abundance, state that once we begin to work with these laws instead of against them, then we activate the flow. All we need to do is decide what we desire to have and what we desire to become. So many of us unconsciously work against the flow of abundance by dismally expecting the worst outcomes or by our stubborn belief that we can’t have the things we want in life.

As a companion to the Law Of Abundance and the Law Of Attraction, the principle of Expectation states that energy follows thoughts. Meaning, what we expect to get we get. Why? We create through our thoughts. Our expectations are culmination of our thoughts; which result from our experiences, the interpretation of those experiences, and the attention we give to those experiences. Once our opinions are firmly rooted in the environment of our thoughts, it predicts what we will begin to expect and believe is possible.

For example, an individual grows up in an impoverished environment and has been told all of their lives that they wouldn’t amount to anything. In their environment all they’ve ever seen was broken dreams and unfulfilled desires (other’s experiences). If that person begins to believe that all they’re supposed to do is settle for low wages, with no “expectation,” of receiving any type of higher learning, then they have allowed their environment to slowly condition them to aspire to nothing more than a sub-standard level of living. From the experiences they observed, what was interpreted was a fallacy. They were basing their observations on the experiences and expectations of others, which in reality has nothing to do with the person doing the observing.

We will conclude our series on the Universal Law Of Abundance in part 3 entitled; How To Live In Abundance: The Universal Law Of Abundance Pt. 3.